How to create more time, optimize your schedule, and #GSD Get Sh*t Done

Getting shit done, aka GSD, is all about controlling how, when and where you spend your time. And, the goal is to GSD in a manner where your business fits into your life, not to have your business take over your life.

As an idea implementation strategist and total project geek, I am no stranger to cranking through a to-do list like no other. And, I’m going to show you 10 Hacks:

  • Make More Time by streamlining your efficiency
  • Treat project tasks and maintenance tasks differently
  • Optimize your schedule around your GSD Vortex
  • Use the GSD Holy Trinity (Calendar, Time blocking, Kanban)
  • Prioritize
  • Set us a screening process for time hi-jackers
  • Use tools to stay organized
  • When all else fails, initiate Stealth Mode



About the Author

Kathy Rasmussen

Kathy Rasmussen

Cofounder + Artistic Director of Badassery Magazine

Kathy is the co-founder of Badassery Magazine and the co-host of the Badassery Podcast. She can truly see the gift in others when they can’t. Kathy is an idea cultivating machine and can strategically birth your idea to life. When she’s not busy connecting other entrepreneurs with fabulous experiences, you can find her being featured on NowThis, Bold TV, numerous interviews, and podcasts. Kathy is passionate about owning who you are and stepping into the spotlight just as you are.

Kathy Rasmussen: adj. Creative ninja, wine warrior, and community building artiste.  “You’ve been rasmussened” I.e. exploded your business badassery. Not to be confused with the rasmussen popularit y poll.  Syn. Kickass painter, sparkle sassmaker, CEO of awesome shit.