Weekly Recap

Happy Holidays + Merry Christmas!

We hope that where ever you are in the world, you are doing exactly what you love. We are just winding down this week and getting ready to spend some incredible time with our families and friends. We are so grateful for our entire Badassery community. Thanks for spending a little bit of time with us.

Here’s our weekly round up of Badassery Magazine.

1. Do you ever feel like you are invisible? Badassery co-founder, Kathy Rasmussen gets extremely vulnerable and real on the blog this week. From jealousy to her own story of visibility. This is a MUST READ inspiration that caused a huge buzz on Facebook. Click here.

2. There are some cool new features on our website. Jump on over to our homepage and check them out. You can easily view all of our upcoming events, catch up on past issues and more. It’s pretty stellar.

3. On the Badassery Podcast this week! Want to be a part of the Inspired Girls Club? Heather Hermiz is making her way in this world by making others feel confident. Heather is a network marketer who has transformed her space into a community of empowerment. She feels that her calling in life is to empower others to be brave enough to create their own passions.

4. We have a brand new VLOG! Yes that’s right, we posted our first vlog this week and we hope you love the message. Samantha Parker encourages us to start right now with what we have. Watch/Read here.

5. Guest blogger Cameron Gray, shares her 4 ways to manage entrepreneurial anxiety. This is a great read with actionable tips. Pop on over and check it out.

6. Badass Interviews. Our community is brimming with epic talent and overall badassery. SO MANY BADASSES!  But it’s not enough just to have these awe-inspiring members of our community, we want to get to know and understand the stories behind the badasses. That’s why we’ve created Badass Interviews, a Facebook Live series where we get up close and personal with entrepreneurs who are killing it. Check out this week’s interview with Mira Zuki, digital nomad and incredible photographer.

7. Do you live in Southern Utah? We invite you to attend our second body love photo shoot. We are looking for women who are ready to share their own body story and allow us to document what true body love is. Learn more here and RSVP.

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