five marketing and visibility tips for online entrepreneurs to help them promote their small business and brand

In the entrepreneur world, “easy” has been given the reputation of a bad word/idea.

But, what if I told you that it WASN’T a bad word and that there are no “good” or “bad” words/ideas/choices…but only those words/ideas/choices you choose for yourself to focus your attention and trajectory? What if I told you that choosing EASE is one of the biggest things you could do for yourself? Once you peel back all of the layers of “shoulds” and “one-size-fits-all” strategy, and emails and messages in your inboxes, and the idea that marketing is a full-time job in ADDITION to doing that work that you love…

You will find the physical space AND head space to take up MORE space with your body, voice, and message. You will be seen and heard with EASE.

It’s time to find that ease by simplifying EVERYTHING – especially your visibility strategy! Below, find 5 steps to get you there.

Take inventory

How do you deliver your message (both online and in person)? Do you guest on podcasts? Speak at events (online and/or in person)? Operate a business account on Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn? Do you lead a Facebook group? Write them all down, baby!

Divide them into 3 columns

What I love

What I hate/don’t care for

What I WANT to try – not what you feel you SHOULD (do you LOVE video, but haven’t worked up the nerve to hop in front of a camera yet? i.e. don’t put something in this column because you feel you SHOULD be doing it, since so-and-so is)

See those in the “hate” section? FOGETTABOUTUM!

If you have business social media accounts, but don’t want to hang out there, instead establish those accounts, as landing pages. How? Let me give you an example:

My friend and client, Erin Brown, wanted to stop hanging out on Facebook. She didn’t want to update her personal OR business page, and she even wanted to delete the app from her phone…but she had 117k followers she didn’t want to leave behind! So, she created a pinned post that let her community know she wouldn’t be spending much time on the platform and linked to her Instagram account and newsletter signup.

It’s time to show up how you WANT to! Anything you don’t like or hate will fall to the backburner, or become too overwhelming to think of! This is YOUR business/movement, right?

Repurpose content

My favorite EASY way to do so is: release a blog post or podcast or video once per week, and then take the blog or transcript and break them down into one post per day for 7 days! Make sure there is a CTA on each post, and batch schedule when you can (and if that is how you work best)! Be aware of when you are releasing things, as weaving your promotions into your social posting is INTEGRAL to your focus.

Find your support system

Sure, building a Facebook community or membership site may be part of your business and promotions model (or something you hope to one day try). But, you’ve got to have entrepreneurs, collaborators, family, and friends that you can talk with, run ideas by, dream and scheme with, and those that will share your message and you can share theirs – because you fully believe one another’s missions, messages, and humanity.

 The EASIEST way is to share things/services/people/ideas you believe in as such. Once you start sharing them as genius things and people you swear by, and lifesavers, the love will follow. You could even talk with some of your biz besties and form a plan to actively sharing one another’s’ work. It is oh-so-magical!


Simplification of processes and surroundings – including your office and relationships – will create clarity in where you are and where you want to go, which will help you focus on the things that matter to get you there. And, if you ever need help figuring out where you need to simplify for focus, I am here for you!

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About the Author

Erin Zimmerman

I’m Erin Zimmerman, the head honcho and Visibility Guide over at EZ Visibility, where I work with you to create a deeply personalized visibility strategy that takes the confusion and overwhelm out of the process and makes it fun and, well, EASY to connect with your present and future fans, community, and clients!

I am also the host of EZtv and the EZ Visibility Lounge facebook group, as well as podcast and video producer, and photographer alongside my twin sister.

In my “free” time, I love to knit, lift heavy weights and dance (ballet and tap are my new faves)! I currently reside in Kansas City, Missouri with my husband and our pet Xbox!

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