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In early 2016 we realized there was a huge gaping hole in the way online businesses were ran. There was no even playing field or way for us to all support each other. In fact, it frustrated us so much we set out to build something better and Badassery Magazine was born.

We remember how it felt trying to figure it out all on our own. We remember how lonely the journey felt. We also knew that we deserved to be paid for the services we were offering.

Connection is our passion. We’ve grown our community to over 17,000 strong. We’ve cultivated a Facebook group and even wrote a book on community building. It fuels us, but still, we knew there was more.


It’s time that we taught you the exact same strategies we shared with hundreds of other women. Women who went on to build their own successful businesses. Women who have quit their 9-5’s, created huge brand collaborations and built their own highly engaged and converting communities.

It’s time to tap into your audience and make the cash you are craving. 

AND guess what? You don’t need thousands to do it. We started making money with a very small audience and  now we are going to show you how. 

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