How to change business attitude and mindset to deal with change and create abundance

“Everything happens for a reason, how you decide to deal with it is what gives you the power to change your life”

I’ve been thru a lot in my career!  Helped bankrupt companies, built small businesses, integrated systems.  Somewhere along the journey of becoming a mom and juggling all of the things required to also be a corporate executive my priorities shifted.

After being laid off a week before I went on maternity leave with my 2nd daughter (I know sounds horrific right?) I knew at that moment that the universe was finally shoving me off the cliff & it was time for me to go all in on myself.  

Since then I’ve landed in the role of a lifetime as an entrepreneur that is allowing me to be free of the rat race and fully present with my gorgeous babies.

BUT, I had to do a complete overhaul on my business attitude.  I’ve had to get my mindset right, invest in myself & deal with literally almost nobody close to me supporting this dream I had of a life that’s free of bosses with no interest in my future and where there’s no glass ceiling (show me the money)!

It’s not been the simple road but I had to ask myself, what was my dream worth to me? And what was holding me back from living it?

These are tricky questions as I firmly believe that CHANGE is one of the most fundamental keys to success.  

You know the phrase “nothing changes if nothing changes”?  Well, this is 100% true; it takes a conscious decision to put change into motion.

Here are a few ways I decided to change so that I could move myself forward: 

  • I shifted my mindset out of lack which increased my confidence level.
  • I made a conscious choice to get rid of the things in my life that no longer served me.
  • I decided I was WORTH more abundance than I was currently attracting.
  • I surrounded myself with people who cheer for my success.
  • I invested in myself.


Sounds like a lot of work on top of running a household and having multiple passions as so many of us do.  So here are my 5 ways to stay focused on moving your business and life forward that can be put into action for immediate results:


Most of us have triggers that can set off our overwhelm during the day which in turn leads to disorganization and chaos.  Can you identify what 3 of these are? Are you aware of how you react to them? This is a big first step to staying out of that low vibe space. Some specific ways to help yourself are:

  • Time Blocking
  • Set Specific Intentions for the week (actionable and doable)
  • Meal Planning
  • Have a dedicated space to work


Consistency, authenticity and building relationships are the keys no matter what business it is that you are in.  Choose 2 things you can do that will move your business forward. Then show up and share your gifts every single day.


One of the biggest things I have added to my routine in the last year is Self-Care.  I think we often overlook that we also need time to recharge and reset especially those of us who are moms.  We are constantly making sure everyone else is ok. You can’t be your best if your cup is running on empty.

Put these 3 things into action and watch yourself transform into the best version of yourself:

  • Weekly self-love activities that are non-negotiable and just for YOU
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Give yourself GRACE

Treat your current clients like gold

The clients you have are more likely to stay with you if they feel valued. Personally interact and get to know them.  Whether you offer products or services, teach them something they may not already know (adding value to their life) and give them something that isn’t available to just anyone.


Toast yourself for showing up each and every day and for every sale or conversation that is taking you closer to your dreams. DREAM BIG and let those dreams guide you, you deserve everything you want in life and more. What are you celebrating today?


Remember that your journey is a marathon, not a sprint; some days will be longer than others but everything you do moves you forward.  

We all have so much to offer the world, tune in and believe in yourself.  Be confident, have a plan, set your intentions and remember that being overwhelmed is a choice.


About the Author

Shannon Garrison negi

Business Strategist, Coach, Crazy Mom & Digital Marketer

Shannon is a former corporate finance executive turned multi-passionate entrepreneur who recently relocated from NYC to the suburbs of Colorado with her 2 kids, Husband and dogs Tyson & Vinnie. Seeing women reach their dreams, take control of their lives and embrace the brilliance that already exists within them is what really lights her up. She has a huge fire in her heart to help other moms strategize to make their dreams a reality and she’s in the process of scaling her business into a global platform to be able to help as many people as she can. Seeing women reach their dreams, take control of their lives and embrace the brilliance that already exists within them is what really lights her up as well as being able to provide crazy opportunity and adventure for her 2 daughters as they grow up (think world school, first class traveling and you will get the picture).

Fun facts about Shannon – she makes the best bowl of popcorn you may ever have, she’s a wine snob & she cannot live without mascara or lip gloss.

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