6 ways to boost your confidence and master your mindset. Feature article from Badassery Magazine October 2016 IssueAs an entrepreneur the foundation for a lasting business is mindset mastery. You see, from the very start of business building those little pesky mindset gremlins begin to creep up.

You start having thoughts like…

Am I good enough?
Will people believe me?
Can I really charge that much?
What if I fail?

The funny thing is, no matter what level of business you are in there will be new gremlins that plague you.

You know what they say “new level, new devil”.

Whether you are earning $2 or $200k you will run into mental roadblocks that can stop you dead in your tracks.

You see, lack of mindset mastery leads to lack of confidence.

And there is simply no room for lack of confidence in the entrepreneur game, period!

Now for some, the gremlins get so loud that they just throw in the towel. They simply quit and never get to see what they could have done or who they could have been.

Others may avoid stepping out on social media or even attending networking events because they don’t feel confident. Of course, avoiding marketing activities in your business can hinder the growth of your business so it’s never a good idea.

Now some will say, “I step out, I show up” and they may feel like the gremlins don’t have an impact on them at all.

I know this isn’t you, but just in case you know someone like this keep reading.

This group of entrepreneurs steps out but they don’t believe in their prices, their products, their abilities. So it doesn’t have an impact.

Guess what? If you (not you remember, I’m talking to the other people) don’t believe nobody else will believe either.

And this my friends, is why this group doesn’t make any sales and lacks growth even though it appears they are doing the work.

The truth is, if you don’t get your mind right, you can’t generate the income you desire and your business won’t get the traction you need to fulfill your vision.

Boldly telling the world who you are, what you do and what you offer takes guts. So doing some behind the scenes prep is necessary.

So how do you achieve mindset mastery so that you can approach your potential customers and colleagues with confidence?

I’m so glad you asked.

1. Make a list of your accomplishments

List your experiences, triumphs, education, etc. name it all. When you’re done writing, read your wins aloud. Daily if necessary.

2. Begin doing affirmations every single day

Try to recite them two to three times a day.

Here are a few you could start with:

I am smart.

People are eager to purchase my products and services.

I am perfect just the way I am.

Place these affirmations on your mirror, on a sticky note, or in an app on your phone.

3. Ignore those who don’t support you

Learn to be quiet about your vision with people who don’t get it or tend to be negative. They will only create self-doubt and plant new gremlin seeds.

4. Silence the chatter

Unsubscribe from lists of people who make you feel like crap because they seem to be doing everything you aren’t just yet.

Depart from groups of people who kill your vibe.

And for crying out loud, stop watching what “they” do (who is they?) you get the point. #foyos Focus On Your Own Stuff

5. Stop caring what people will think.

This is one the biggest steps you can take. Throw your cares to the wind and just do it!

6. Don’t let metrics kill your vibe

Do you ever click send on an email or post on social media and then you keep refreshing to see how many opens or comments?

Stop the madness! Who cares how many views, clicks or comments you get? The key here is to build your confidence which is partly done by doing.

Not saying analytics are not important. In fact they will be at some point but they simply shouldn’t be the focus when you are in a vulnerable state.

Lastly, if you are part of the I’m about to throw in the towel group (see above), please remember that there is always someone two steps behind you who needs to know what you know.

And don’t ever forget that gifts, skills and experiences are needed by someone in the world. If you quit you will be cheating the people who need you.

Mindset mastery is a mix of daily practices that renew your thought process and being mindful of who and what you allow to influence your vibe.

About the Author

Lisa Porter is a powerhouse certified business coach, podcaster and marketing strategist for female coaches, consultants, speakers and service based entrepreneurs who want be seen and get paid while doing what they love. She is the founder and CEO of Spark and Profit and the Women’s Coaching Academy.

Lisa believes every woman has a gift, skill or experience to share with others and she lives and breathes to empower women to package their gift so they can earn on their own terms.

Her tell it like it is, energetic personality combined her continual thirst for perfecting her craft makes her an immeasurable resource for her clients.

Lisa combines mindset and marketing strategies and her love for online marketing to help savvy entrepreneurs gain more confidence, get more clients and increase their bottom line.

Born and raised in New York, Lisa is a wife and homeschool mom of six who enjoys spending time with family.

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