How to conquer your fear and push through tough times

You’re scared. I get it. Things are happening (or have already happened) and you’re sitting there wondering how you’re going to get through all of this.

It’s okay. Take a deep breath.

Yes, you’re being challenged. Yes, things feel tough right now. But love, bug, trust me: you’ve got this.   

Put your hands over your heart and let this truth sink in.

You’ve. Got. This.

Here’s why.

All things happen FOR you.

I don’t believe in fate. And I don’t believe that we have to wait for some big, all-powerful force outside of ourselves to make good things happen. Nope. YOU are powerful. You can create your own fate. (Which is why I know you’ve got this.)


Fear is the guardian of all thresholds and secret doors.

If you’re feeling fearful, good. Fear is your friend. It wants to keep you safe and will yell if it thinks you’re doing something dangerous. But fear also wants to keep you comfortable … which isn’t where growth happens. So if you’re scared, you’re close to where you need to be to grow. Own it. Own your fear, own your sweat, and do things anyway. You’ve got this.

You’re the king or queen of your world and you’re always right.

This life? This is your kingdom. And your life, your kingdom = your rules. Which means it’s safe for you to show up and play a whole different version of #wokeuplikethis. Why? ‘Cos in your kingdom you’re always right. You don’t need to doubt yourself, your ideas, your desires, your dreams, your reality or anything else about yourself because you are right. You’re always following the right path and you don’t need to second guess anything. You’ve got this.

In nature, everything runs in cycles.

You can’t stuff up. It isn’t a straight, direct path to what you want. It’s curvy, cyclical, it ebbs and it flows. The straight path doesn’t exist. And even if it did … would you really want to take it? How boring. Where’s the adventure? No, you’re here to seek out the surprises and the miracles. Another reason why I know you’ve got this.

We don’t always see the whole picture.

Down here on earth, we’re in the realms of form and pattern. We’re boxed in – with our systems and structures, but in our bodies too. There are blind spots everywhere, and that’s okay. ‘Cos we aren’t navigating these blind spots alone. Oh no, the universe has placed hidden cues to help us get to the next level. AND we have a whole team to support and guide us! Teachers and people down here on earth, our loved ones, people that annoy us big time (yep, they’re the biggest teachers of all), and peeps on the other side of the rainbow; there’s this huge armada unconditionally supporting us with every step we take. So even if you don’t consciously know why you feel the way you feel, it’s there for a reason. You’re supported, loved and blessed beyond measure. You’ve got this.


Your body comes with a fancy, high-end navigation system.

Like a thousand times better than Siri. Which means you can’t ever be lost! Sure, sometimes it might feel like it, but there’s always a secret door taking you to exactly where you need to be (even if you can’t see it right now). Things like ‘dead ends’, ‘mistakes’ and ‘wrong turns’ only exist in your reality. Andddd since there is no such thing as a reality (we all learned that in The Matrix, right?), then you can never make a mistake. Your mind determines your reality and whenever you don’t like reality, you can change your mind! You’ve got this.

Love conquers all.

And, truth bomb, YOU ARE LOVE. You are the sun and the moon and all the things you need to be. Right here, right now. Trust that you’ll know what to do, ‘cos deep down you do. All things done with love (which, remember, you are) are done perfectly. Choose love. Be love. Be in love. Love not only conquers all, but it heals and transforms all too. You’ve got this.


‘Cos the thing with life is that sometimes down here on earth it feels like we’re in a crazy maze. We have no idea where we’re going or what we’re doing.

But it’s okay to not know.

As soon as you get comfortable not knowing, you can start to trust yourself, life and the fact that you have everything you need to get to where you want to go.

Promise. You’ve got this.

About the Author

Sabina Marian

Hi, I’m Sabina. I am an exponential coach, energy alchemist, intuitive guide and the creator of (epic title, amirite?).
Which means I help bad-ass seekers bust through all plateaus, mental glass ceilings and mindset blocks, so they can find balance — in alignment with their soul essence.

I devote my heart and time to help you make the impossible totally possible, so you can crush all your goals and be magnetic for a life that surpasses your wildest dreams.

My mission is to guide you on your way to becoming the person you want to be in the world.

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