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Meet alonia walton aka dj lala land

Badassery Magazine: Tell us about you and your story?

Anlonia Walton: I was born and raised in small-town Beaumont, CA. I’ve been DJing for over 7 years now. I used to coach the dance team at my old high school after graduating in 2006. My dream was to be a professional backup dancer but I never pursued it. Along with coaching a high school dance team, I worked in a trauma hospital facility until 2011. My last year at that job was the start of DJ LaLa LAND. Two years ago I became pregnant with my first child but due to an incompetent cervix, I had to deliver early. I had a daughter and she was too early. After that experience, I fell into a deep depression slowing down on my career and nearly giving up on everything. It took a lot of faith and soul searching to pick myself back up and get back to the turntables. Looking at life with fresh eyes, I’ve been able to spin for some amazing people and events this year.

BM: How did your business come about? What made you start it?

AW: I’ve always been a music lover but it started when I attended an open house class at SCRATCH DJ Academy in 2011. After that, I signed up for a 6-week class to learn the basics, then attended four more classes after that. The connections I made with fellow DJs at the school is how I started spinning in different places (bars, clubs, private events, etc.). I was introduced to the school when my uncle (DJ Balance) was a student there back at the beginning of 2006. He passed away in November of that year. This was his dream, so you can say I do this in honor of him. Never did I imagine this would be my life, but I’m grateful for it.

BM: What is your business’s mission or purpose?

AW: My mission is to spread love through music. To take you back mentally to a happy place/memory from the song(s) I play.

BM: What sets you apart from other businesses like yours?

AW: My music style and my blending skills. I tell stories through the songs I choose when playing at any event. A lot of DJs don’t blend their songs together (beat match in DJ terms) anymore. That’s my specialty. I pay attention to detail. I prepare weeks in advance and I don’t focus on playing new music just to say I played it first. I’m creative with my craft. It’s all about creating an experience for your audience.

BM: What is your definition of badassery?

AW: A person with no limitations to what they can do with their life. Someone whom no matter the circumstances gets the job done!

BM: What is your definition of success?

AW: Success is living everyday doing what makes you happy. That looks different for everyone. If you’ve inspired at least one person with your aim or purpose, I’d say you’re pretty damn successful.

BM: What is one piece of advice you can give to other entrepreneurs?

AW: Believe in yourself and never look for handouts. Work hard and write out a plan you can work towards. It’ll never look the same once the work starts. Gather a team of people you trust to be there during the journey because “it takes a village”.

BM: Is there anything coming up for your business you’d like to tell our readers about?

AW: I will be putting out more mixes on my mixcloud. A little something for everyone’s music flavor. I also have a couple of residencies coming up so follow my instagram for all updates. STAY TUNED!

BM: What is next for your business?

AW: What does the future hold? Next for me is creating and hosting my own parties. I want to help indie artist by creating a platform where their music can be heard. In the future you may see my face on a Vegas billboard (that’s been a dream). There’s also talks of djing for GOOD MORNING LALA LAND.

Connect with Alonia on her Mixcloud, Facebook or Instagram.

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