Meet Amanda Krill - a creative genius, designer, storyteller, and connector who infuses the business owner's personality and authenticity into their website design and branding

meet amanda

There is more to having an effective website than beautiful design or brand. A website is often how a potential customer determines if whether or not to hire or buy from a business. That means if it just looks like another “pretty site” and doesn’t show the business owners personality and authenticity, the customer may take their business elsewhere.

That is where Amanda steps in. She is more than a web designer. She infuses the business owners personality and authentic self into her web design so potential customers get a peek into the true nature of the business and business owner.

“I don’t just design websites. I take you…the essence of you…and turn it into a website. So that when your ideal client lands on your website (by whatever means they found you) and they instantly sigh and think, ‘Ah, this is the person I’ve been looking for.'”

Though Amanda is passionate about design, she is not a classically trained designer. She has a unique design process that isn’t the traditional method. It is important to her that the individual’s personality shines through the overall design so their ideal client knows they are the right fit almost instantly.  

“You may have a great brand. You may even have a damn good brand. But if your brand doesn’t embody that authentic piece of you, it doesn’t effing matter.”


Her superpower is getting an instantaneous “feel” for a person. With the combination of that and the extensive form she has each client fill out, they work together to design a website that not only speaks to the client but directly to the people who they want to attract.

The websites she designs are not a copy of another website she’s done or one the client’s seen. Each one is unique — and Amanda isn’t afraid to refer business to another designer if someone asks for a copycat site.

“What I love, love, love doing is helping each individual client’s personality be so apparent via their website that the *right* people can’t help but find them and practically throw money in their direction.”


With the exception of God, her man, her kids, family, and super close friends, she loves nothing in the world as much as Baseball, which is no exaggeration. She has a deep abiding 30+ year love affair with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and a 25+ year love for the Cleveland Indians. 

She has a bit of a gypsy soul and unable (and unwilling) to stay in one place for very long. She comes from a long line of moonshiners and actual gypsies (of the Scots-Irish variety) combined with a few Protestant ministers, which makes for an interesting combination. 

She met her husband at Christian College, spent a couple of years there and then transferred to the University of Toledo where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English and a minor in History.

Even though she feels those degrees were “useless”, she taught herself how to design websites. Though she knows how to design in all the platforms, she loves using WordPress the best and currently uses it for her designs. 

Connect with Amanda at her website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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