Interview with Badass Boss, Audrey Blackburn of Blackburn Consulting, who loved helping small business owners make more profit and shift from scarcity to abundance

If you are ready for someone to oversee the financials of your business who can help you make more profit in a straightforward, no bullshit kind of way, Audrey Blackburn just might be the one. She is way more than a bookkeeper or accountant, she is a mentor, consultant, and strategist to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits shift from a place of scarcity and lack to a space of abundance and wealth.  

Audrey is the President of Blackburn Consulting, LLC. Her background consists of over 20+ years of experience working with nonprofit and for-profit businesses as an accountant. She loves working with small businesses to help them become more profitable and is delighted by how excited they get when they realize just how much money they can keep in their pocket if they manage their business more efficiently.

With her extensive experience in nonprofit accounting, she goes beyond simple bookkeeping to help nonprofits navigate the complexity of their financials by keeping track of grants, budgeting, and donor databases. 

She is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor who is proficient in QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. She is also certified in many apps that work with QBO to provide efficiency and analysis. In addition, she is a trainer and coach that works with entrepreneurs on many aspects of their businesses or nonprofits.​

Audrey is a fast-acting firestarter. She has always been able to make quick decisions and take action fast.  

When I decided to start a business I just did it. I didn’t spend hours researching everything I just started. The first six months I was in business I networked like it was my full-time job. I didn’t know much about running a business but I knew that I wanted to be successful. I also knew that sitting around researching and planning wasn’t going to make that happen. There is a time and place for researching and planning but I knew that wasn’t it.” 

She quickly began to get clients and had to learn how to run a thriving business fast. Here are a few things she learned her first year in business, in her own words:

1) Mindset is everything. If you have trash talk going on in your head it will defeat you. Do whatever you need to do to rid yourself of the negative chatter. I spend time meditating, listening to podcasts, journaling, praying, reading and spending time alone. All of these things rid my mind of the chatter.

2) Your #brand in your business is you – own it. When I started out I thought I needed to be this “professional” in all that I did. Now granted, I am a professional with plenty of experience, education, certifications, etc. to back it up. What I mean is I just needed to be me. I’m loud. I’m bold. I’m bluntly honest. I’m a risk taker. All the things that I had hid about me in the workplace now needed to be paraded front and center in my biz. Because I am my biz and it is what makes me different from the rest.

3) Take action. Imperfect trumps perfect any day if it means you are taking action. I don’t like to release courses, write my blog, or anything until it is perfect. But guess what? It will never be perfect and if I wait for that to happen then I screw my progress. Just be seen. Release the course, write the book, do the things.

4) Profit trumps revenue any day. I have always known this but it became really obvious to me when I started working with clients. Many were making revenue figures annually that would make people swoon. Problem is they were broke. They spent all the money they made. They were “investing” in the business to grow it but really they were just spending, spending, spending. Why be in business if you don’t make money? I’ve never understood this. Why people are ok working themselves to death thinking “it” will happen for them in the future. You can make money from day one. You don’t have to wait until you have been in business for a certain number of years. Want to find out how? Schedule an appointment with me today.

Connect with Audrey at her website, on Facebook, or Instagram.

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