Meet the inventor of tulifts, a patent-pending design to help lift and support women's breasts during workouts and daily life.

meet debra

Debra Corley isn’t just another woman with a great idea. She is a visionary, a survivor, and an advocate. We sat down with Debra and found out more about her and the story behind her patent-pending design and revolutionary brand, Tulifts.

 Badassery Magazine: Tell us a little more about you and your story?

Debra Corley: My journey started 45 years ago and I’m here today to introduce to you a revolutionary product called Tulifts inserts and how Tulifts inserts are changing the face of sports bras, literally.

Tulifts inserts offer incredible support comfort and even enhancement, with Tulifts patent-pending technology. Up until now, there has been a few changes in how a sports bra is made but with each change, you needed to buy a new sports bra. Now with Tulifts revolutionary patent-pending inserts made from the finest materials we could find, you keep your own sports bras an turn what you love into functionality, support, comfort, and enhancement.

Tulifts wicks your sweat away, traps it away from your body which keeps the heat away from breast tissue, clinically proven to be better for breast tissue. Tulifts offers tremendous support in our clinical trials, we have been able to reduce the balance factor up to 70% in runners. Our foam is layered in a very unique process and also we have a no seam, heat seam which Eliminates the need for sewing on our insert. Tulifts inserts can be used in any article of clothing that has a pocket in place.

Tulifts have been tried, with amazing success, in evening gowns, halter dresses, bathing suits and even for nursing moms, Tulifts don’t leak through.

BM: How did your business come about? What made you start it?

DC: My story began when I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and had a very poor body image pretty much my entire life, and 45 years later my dream came true, it wasn’t easy getting here but I never gave up. I still have the original insert I made when I was 12! I feel extremely passionate about women who have a deformity or even a special body issue that bothers them. If they can work on that issue and make something else feel better it gives that woman an overall feeling of empowerment and that is what my goal is, to empower women to help them look and feel the very best in everything that they’re doing, no one is perfect but you can always work very hard at being your very best self.

Tulifts is a completely new concept for all sports bras with a pocket. Designed to create comfort, support and enhancement.

I started Tulifts because sports bras have been uncomfortable, lack support and can be unflattering. I wanted to change how women feel about their bodies while they work out.

I invented Tulifts for myself. I felt the need to address personal challenges I had, one being severe scoliosis and body image issues. For me, working out is essential to my health and well-being. I know that when I look good and feel good I have a better workout with improved outcomes. I believe all women would love to have the same outcomes as I have experienced.

BM: What is your business’s mission or purpose?

DC: My mission is truly wanting women, actually men and children also, to be encouraged to take good care of their bodies no matter what their obstacles are facing. To be comfortable in the skin they are in. Tulifts™️ is just a little part of getting there!!

BM: What sets you apart from other businesses like yours?

What sets Tulifts apart from other businesses like mine is simply….there aren’t any patented sports bra inserts on the market. Tulifts are patent pending and offer something in the form of comfort, support and lift that no other insert on the market today offers.

 BM: What is your definition of badassery?

DC: I have a lot. What comes to mind first is not taking no for an answer. It also means being strong enough to speak for the weak. It also means to me very very much that you can put your mind to anything and do it even if it takes 45 years to get it done. It also means to me the willingness to learn and have an open mind but to be able to speak your mind.

BM: What is your definition of success?

DC: If you ask my children they will tell you I’ve already succeeded. I made changes in my life that I never knew I was strong enough to do I’m so very proud of that. The added bonus is after making these changes I started my own company, applied for patents for the product I invented. I’m hoping Tulifts™️ will change women’s lives everywhere. Summed up, success to me means living your life authentically, passionately, and completely to the fullest.

BM: What is one piece of advice you can give to other entrepreneurs?

DC: The one piece of advice I can offer to other entrepreneurs is, listen to others, incorporate their advice if you see fit, I think that’s wonderful, but if there something that you are completely passionate about, don’t let that send you off the path that you have in your heart. And remember it is OK to change your mind!

BM: What is next for your business? What does the future hold?

DC:  I’m hoping for Tulifts™️, we can find the exact perfect platform to offer Tulifts to all women. We now offer both a wired and non-wired version of our product for comfort and support at the level you need for the activity you may be doing that day. I also just came out with a new tank top with “love” in gold across the back. I’m hoping to be able to set up meetings with department stores and having Tulifts™️ carried along with workout clothes and swimwear. The future for Tulifts looks amazingly bright! Getting the word out about a new concept in helping women feel good when they work out is a little daunting! I believe once women around the world understand what Tulifts can offer them I think we have a winner on our hands!

Connect with Debra at her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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