Meet Badass Boss Kelly Evan Smith Illuminent CBD Oil and learn how she build a business out of passion for healing and overcoming obstacles

Meet Kelly Evan Smith

Badassery Magazine: Tell us a little more about you and your story?

Kelly Evan Smith: The best place to start with me – I am an overcomer. I come from a background of debilitating anxiety, drug addiction, abusive relationships, and out of whack hormones that made me crazy and at one point infertile. Although, you wouldn’t know this about me on paper. I was a straight A student and always seemed to be the “responsible” one of my friends. What I have wanted most in life is for other people to love me. Along my journeys I have found that there is no amount of people pleasing that exists that can make this happen. So my story? It is one of overcoming my life obstacles constantly. Always learning that the answer is to look inward and let go of the outward. Today I am 31, no longer living addicted to drugs or cycles of abuse. I finally live life with regular stresses instead of crippling anxiety! I am honored to be the mother of a sassy, courageous and creative little 2.5yr old named Sage. And my husband, Kevin – he is my rock and love of my life. Our favorite thing to do as a family is to explore. We are in constant search for cool little towns and experiences with our baby girl.

BM: How did your business come about? What made you start it?

KES: I absolutely love this question! Getting to talk about my business is like talking about my second child haha! So, back in Oct 2017, I announced to all of the social media that I was surrendering my dreams of being a successful network marketer. I was no longer going to sell them things, I was no longer going to pursue my business adventures. And then… a persistent friend of mine, who happened to be the VP of Sales of my current company, came to me yet again about this CBD product.

I was SO reluctant to try this, but after finding a very small amount of willingness, I gave it a go. I was SHOCKED. From the very first use, I felt this wave of calm come over me and I had hope for the first time to get out of my love-hate relationship with Prozac. Prozac was the only thing I could successfully take for my anxiety without abusing it. And while it helped me to a degree, I hated the side effects. I hated the feeling of intense anxiety and WORSE symptoms that came with me trying to get off of it.

So, I looked at my husband and said “We have to go all in. This is it babe. I can feel it.” He said, “NO!” Hahah. Little did we know then what saying YES one last time would do for us. I was able to talk him off the ledge of fear of yet again one of my newest bright ideas, and I became a partner for Illuminent CBD.

I knew I was sitting on a Gold Mine. We had an incredible quality product, in a pre-launch setting in an industry that is expected to grow by 700% by 2020 alone. Not to mention, since I officially launched my business in Nov 2017, I have been completely pharmaceutical free. How COULD I say no to this? So I just ran with it. I went out to our headquarters in Southern California, trained with my corporate team and started my new network marketing organization. In the last 10 months, I have been able to grow an empire of over 455 partners in my organization, create consistent $7 to $10k months, help hundreds of clients find freedom using CBD, and birth the brand: Kelly Evan Love Soul. Not to mention, I have learned so much about leadership and becoming the woman I have always desired to truly be. This is just the beginning!

BM: What is your business’s mission or purpose?

KES: My mission is to help other moms and business influencers find their own beautiful place of zen, get rid of the people pleasing, and actually live life on purpose. There is so much life out there to live. And I personally, completely understand staying stuck in the impending doom of fear land, not taking any action at all because of this one question…”what will they think?” It’s time we really start honoring ourselves as women and take a look at empowering ourselves in what we truly desire – FIRST. It is my hope that anyone I work with will know this truth for themselves and find real internal peace and serenity. If we can’t love ourselves, how do we expect others to love us or us truly love other people?

BM: What sets you apart from other businesses like yours?

KES: What sets us apart first and foremost is integrity. We truly believe not only in our product but you. Our CBD is grown with only federally legal, USA grown industrial hemp. We don’t use pesticides, GMOs, or anything else that is icky. We are the only CBD company that I know of that custom formulates their products in-house in a certified ISO lab, which is a fancy way of saying everything from our CEO operating the lab, to any machinery and extracting processes,  down to the air is certified clean in our lab. We also do not tolerate white labeling products. White labeling is what happens when CBD companies purchase the exact same CBD oil from larger farms and manufacturers and then put their own labels on it claiming it is the best more pure oil out there. It is hard to spot, but don’t worry.

When coming to us, you know your oil was custom formulated by our CEO, Ryan Botsch, himself. And yes, we absolutely third-party test all of our products for purity and potency. In fact, each batch of product is tested at a minimum of 3 times before its ever bottled or encapsulated. And if you know my personal brand Kelly Evan Love Soul supports this product or any other product for that matter, that there is a ton of love behind the company culture. Love is the absolute most important ingredient in any relationship and/or business venture. And my NWM company, Illuminent, has that quality perfected. If you are interested in more information regarding the types of CBD products we have, questions about which products to use if you are drug tested, or simply how to use CBD, head over to my website and check out the free video resource library and FAQ pages. Any type of CBD product listed on my website IS legal in all 50 states, is non-psychoactive, and will not cause any type of high.

BM: What is your definition of badassery?

KES: Badassery to me is empowerment. I see people using the term ‘badass’ all the time now. But the energy around it has shifted from just being “cool” to really being something that we step into as we grow as women. Badassery is a lifestyle full of rewards we receive for growing through the uncomfortable spaces in our lives. It’s is really an honor to be considered.

BM: What is your definition of success?

KES: I can tell you what success it not. It is NOT monetary. Money is a side effect of success. True success in my eyes is when we get to a place of truly being at peace within ourselves and our surroundings. They say money can’t buy happiness and I believe that. But it IS a resource that can help produce more relationships and experiences. We can’t have relationships and experiences, to their fullest at least, if we are not yet in a space of true love for our own selves first. So, when we find internal serenity, that is success.

BM: What is one piece of advice you can give to other entrepreneurs?

KES: My advice is, stop waiting for the right time. There is never a great time to quit a job, or have a baby, or buy a house, etc. Just like there is never truly a “right” time to go all in on your dreams. Stop waiting for this ‘time’ to produce itself to you and just fucking go for it! Take some kind of action and then continue practicing this. The more you practice the more likely you are to see your own version of success. And, personal development is the greatest tool you’ll ever have in growing your business. It is my firm belief that your paycheck is directly related to how much work you put into your personal growth.

BM: Is there anything coming up for your business you’d like to tell our readers about?

KES: Yes, actually! I am moving into a space of really wanting to teach people how to use CBD for their own spiritual growth. I absolutely love teaching guided meditation and taking the weird out of all the “woo-woo” out there in the online world. So, I am working on an exclusive community for women to explore finding their zen and innate spiritual connections. I’ll have more info on this end of Sept 2018! Hang out with my in my insta stories to join me!

BM: What is next for your business? What does the future hold?

KES: I’m proud to say that this month, we are retiring my 32 year old husband from corporate America! We will be working together to continue the growth of this badass empire. We have plans over the next 12 months to travel across the US and spend time with my amazing team and really pour into them. We are expecting incredible growth as this industry explodes all over the US. And most importantly, we just want to help massive amounts of people find their own relief. It is a beautiful thing to be in the relationship building business today.

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