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Meet Tracy

Tracy Litt is a Certified Mindset Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapist. Having learned from her own challenges and triumphs, she is dedicated to helping others learn that that life is about choice.

Her professional experience connecting with people began in talent acquisition, employee relations, and leadership in the corporate world. Her roles ranged from recruitment for large national organizations to vice-presidencies in highly-reputable healthcare firms. While she thrived in these positions, her innermost intuition always urged her to serve herself and others in a deeper way. She knew it was time to step into her fear, find her power, and live in an extraordinary way. For her, that was achieved by becoming a Certified Life and Leadership Coach. Her innate gifts of connection, intuition, and inspiration defined her destiny – to support individuals and organizations in becoming extraordinary, in whatever way they define.

Tracy is no stranger to challenge and triumph. She lost her mother tragically at the young age of 24. She became a single mother at 28 and had to rebuild herself and her career. She then found the love of her life and has worked mindfully and relentlessly to blend their families. The people in Tracy’s life would always comment and joke, “She’s Wonder Woman” – but really she just knew something. She knew that she could be imprisoned by her external life circumstances, or she could be empowered. She could choose victim, or I could choose warrior. She could react, or she can respond. Tracy learned that life is about choice. All about choice.

It is through this belief that Tracy chose to become a Certified Professional Coach through the highly-accredited IPEC Coaching School. In learning about Core Energy Coaching, she was inspired to earn a secondary certification as a Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership. To compliment her coaching, Tracy became a Rapid Transformational Therapist, under the direct training of the RTT – Hypnotherapy pioneer, Marisa Peer. 


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