How to Write a Badass Business Manifesto - If you have a business, get true to your purpose and announce it to the world.

Your Manifesto

Do you feel you are going in circles with your business sometimes? You get a new idea, start to work on it, change your mind, get another idea…..repeat….repeat….repeat. Usually, ideas don’t work out if they don’t align with your business. What you need is some way to test all of your ideas to see if they fit. What you need is a business manifesto.


What is a manifesto

A manifesto is a formal declaration of what you you believe in, your values, your purpose, and your goals. It is pretty much a mission statement on steroids. This formal declaration will give you a rule in which to make all your business decisions. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t happen.


Step One: Identify

Your manifesto is made up of your guiding principles. So, in order to write them out, you need to identify what they are. To get your idea muscle pumping, I’ve got an exercise for you. Using the questions below write down whatever comes to mind for each topic. Brainstorm it out – fast and furious. Don’t be worried about what is right and wrong at this point. You’ll have time to edit later — but first, idea generation!  Try to write down five to ten responses for each topic.
Who are you?
What do you do?
What do you believe in?
What do you want to accomplish?
From your list above, circle the key phrases that excite you and make you all tingly.


Step Two: Organize

Next, start organizing your manifesto in an outline using the key phrases you circled. The way you organize your principles is how you tell your story, so be thoughtful with the order.
Tip: Try cutting out your ideas or writing them on a sticky note or note card. It makes it easy to experiment and reorder your ideas quickly.


Step Three: Make It Powerful

Now that you’ve identified and organized your principles, write out your manifesto
in sentences using powerful language. A list of power words comes with the worksheet bundle you can download at the end of this blog post, but here are a few to get you started.
Power words: amazing, blissful, bold, breathtaking, courageous, daring, excited, magical, spectacular, triumphant, wondrous


Boom! Now you not only have a badass business manifesto, you have a guide to go by for all your business decisions, even implementing new ideas.


Free Worksheets

Download your free Badass Business Manifesto Worksheet Bundle by completing the form below.

Once you’ve finished your manifesto, share it in the comments. I want to hear your declaration to the world. I want to hear what you stand for.


About the Author

Kathy Rasmussen is cofounder and artistic director of Badassery Magazine. She is also the founder of Sinq Business Solutions and the Epiphany Idea Lab. She is a business operations expert and loves helping badass bosses bring their passion babies into the world.