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Are you ready to become a self-published author? Chelsea Bennett from is here to share what Lulu can do for you! is an online on-demand self-publishing platform for all creatives; it’s not just for authors, which is Chelsea wants to make everybody aware of.

Chelsea joined Lulu when her husband discovered the self-publishing platform as a part of his own work. When Chelsea discovered Lulu, the job she was in was uninspiring. Lulu was a breath of fresh air because it was so inspiring and there was a working vibe that gelled with her.  Once a position opened up with Lulu, Chelsea jumped at it – a company that was both fun and creative at the same time!

So, how do you write and publish a book? Lulu goes against the grain when it comes to publishing, as you don’t need to beg publishing houses to buy into your work. You can put your creativity together, in the format you are able to see in your overarching vision, and literally just hit print! ,

The best part? The author still owns full ownership of copyright. Lulu is literally just your platform for creating, housing and selling!

Chelsea literally says that you can wake up in the morning and be a published author by the time you go to bed – just a few steps and it really is that easy. For so many creatives, that has been a hugely empowering platform; especially as it includes global publishing options.    

Kathy has already published her daily manifesting journal with Lulu, and Samantha & Kathy will be publishing their first book together shortly!


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