Four steps to delve into your spirituality to find your truest form!


Christine Machiraju was born legally blind, but sees this as a gift, as she was given the gift of empathy and intuition. Christine uses these additional senses in her badass business owner of Living in Harmony: where she supports her clients for spiritual based support in their life and business. How? Via providing readings, energetic healing and life coaching.

Christine doesn’t see her visual impairment as a ‘disability’, as her other senses are heightened. As a child, Christine felt a deep heart connection with nature, animals and people. Without even realizing, at the age of 3, Christine began meditating. By being able to tap deeply into her spirituality, she has connected to the earth and taken her spirituality to a new level.

Christine sees that the Root Chakra is the beginning of all paths, due to the connection to the Earth. What is the Path the Freedom? Christine can witness others in their one true form without judgement. For clients, this means that they feel that Christine sees them as they are during their connection and supports them to remove their self-doubt and negative beliefs; and uses the five elements and their own guides, to shift that perception and find a clear and intentional path.

When UNICEF visited Christine’s school as a child, she made the decision that she would use these skills to help the world. She started learning yoga at the age of twelve and became interested in Indian culture. At the age of twenty, Christine travelled to India and discovered that her spiritual skills are still implemented in Indian religion and culture. This made Christine feel freedom in her life for the first time, as she had finally found her place in the world and no longer felt ‘weird’.  People understood her. This also showed Christine that there was nothing out of reach of impossible for her to achieve.

After three years in India, Christine then moved to a Hindu Temple with her husband for seven years, where she honed her skills as a spiritual healer. Christine sees that her path has changed over the past ten years, as more people are aware of their spiritual side; and that their life path can change. In our life path, suffering is something that we do not have to live with and can be changed by finding a way to take this away.

During a difficult time in her family life, Christine felt that she needed to dig deep into herself to find a deeper awakening.  A divine download provided her with a 4-part meditation system that she used for 6 months to change her own path.  This included: truth, compassion, contentment and self-love. Finding this freedom and a life without bounds took Christine to a new level in life and business.

What are the plans for the future? Christine recently had a mindset shift about her business; and wants to draw in collaborators to serve the planet and create an energy shift for the Earth. Working with other collaborators and entrepreneurs with the same vision and intentions for the planet means that bigger shifts will happen. On a small level, Christine is looking for more structured ways of supporting her clients find their true-self on a deeper level; whether this be via crystals, essential oils and readings – particularly using her Aura Bliss Reading as she cleanses the energy and chakras, to ground them.

One big spiritual tip? Breath! Breath like you mean it… Breath with your full body… Breath like you mean it! Not breathing properly is a big symptom of anxiety, so start breathing properly. If you take a step back and just stop for a moment to remove, you will start to find your tension melt away and find your way back to your true self.


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Christine Machiraju was born legally blind. She has always used her inner senses to help her navigate the world. She is deeply connected to beauty and believes that every heart and every being has a right to deep love, joy and peace. Her love for people drew her into studying healing arts from Ayurveda to Western Medical herbology. She has a keen desire to help people heal shame, anxiety, fear and self doubt so they can fall in love with life and find deep meaning and joy. Christine’s goal is to help people heal their limiting beliefs and uses this passion to find a way to unite humanity, and bring love back to our sacred planet.

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