A badass interview containing truth bombs about pets, pricing and products!


Meet Mary Oquendo, the owner of Pawsitive Educational Training.  Having been in business since 2002, Mary brings so much AWESOME knowledge and experience to the table.

With 3 businesses (yes three): mobile pet groomer, Hands & Paws – Energetic Training AND Pawsitive Educational Training: Mary has the complete down low on all things business related (and we’re not just talking about pet businesses here)!

Mary is a firm believer that in the service industry, if you want somebody to treat you as a professional, you need to act as a professional. This is a #truthbomb right here, because no matter what our businesses, ALL of us are in the service industry in one way or another.

Attending trade shows, Mary discovered that there were so many workshops on the actual ‘doing’ in the industry; but, no other types of training; plus, Mary was teaching at so many of the trade shows, she missed a lot of the workshops she wanted to attend.

As Mary could see this industry ‘hole’; she has put her experience to use and is now teaching others how to run their business with the online workshops of Pawsitive Educational Training: whether it be business classes, health and safety, products, pricing and everything else in between.  Mary believes in learning by doing, but also for us to learn from her mistakes, which is exactly what she does here!

When talking about pricing, Mary talks of people pricing themselves to live a decent life AND cover vacation time. How many of us can say that we not only don’t cover vacation time, but don’t even take the time off?

Although Mary will still be attending some trade shows this year, she is currently looking at her exit strategy from mobile grooming and has other things in the pipeline launching in the summer. This will be another new experience for Mary and if you head on into the link below you can see what Mary has to see about this herself.

As a member of We Are Badassery, Badassery Revolution and the Badassery Academy; we think Mary is a SUPER AMAZING badass for you to connect with!










Mary is the owner of Pawsitive Educational Training, your online source for easy, affordable, comprehensive, and complete online workshops for the busy professional. She writes for Groomer To Groomer and Natural Awakenings magazine,as well as a host of blogs and contributing author to several online and print magazines.

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