Make a difference in the world with enlightened marketing and a vision that can't be stopped!


Mollie Fagan is the badass success coach behind Real to Ideal, based in California,  as a vehicle for global evolution. Mollie has a huge why: making a difference in the world. The thought leaders and business owners Mollie supports, all have to have a mission to make an impact in the world also – not just be in business for money.

When she first started toying with the idea of setting up a business, her one big concern related to people using what she offered for the ‘wrong reasons’. For Mollie, the impact she makes is a lot more important than the money she makes: this is seriously badass by itself!

Why is impact like this possible? The more space you have to thrive (via having the time to build a business which will make a difference) and the more influence you have, all provides you with the opportunity to make huge amounts of impact in the world.

What does an enlightened marketing plan look like? This is anything that is based on long-term sustainability, social consciousness; living your purpose in an environmentally friendly way; and having mindfulness of the impact you can have on the world.

Mollie provides some amazing examples in her interview with Samantha, so you need to dive in and watch, as nobody can explain it better!

Mollie explains how businesses who have built their model around enlightened marketing, make their impact known by showing their social and environmental responsibilities as part of their everyday business. By showing this off as a large part of their message, shows that they know how to share their why in a way that takes it to the next level: as a part of a revolution to take care of our planet, now!

This is what lights Mollie up on a daily basis. Find what will light you up, as this will keep you in business for longer; and your vision can and will come true!

A final badass quote from Mollie:

“The people who are in business who you don’t agree with, will continue to make millions of dollars a year, until we show up and stop them. If you don’t want that, share your message!”


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Mollie has an amazing eBook just for Badassery Magazine.

This eBook will make you think about everything Mollie has chatted about in this interview, and includes the 7 steps you implement in your business marketing plan TODAY!


Mollie’s clients started calling her the Merpirate Business Coach, because “she helps you uncover the hidden treasure that is your unique way of doing business and use it to attract soulmate clients that can’t wait to go on an adventure with you!”

She created Real To Ideal as a vehicle for global evolution, to help biz owners, thought leaders, and influencers grow their own movements and revolutionize their industries.

She’s a total geek for anime, steampunk, whisky, and writing fantasy fiction where the misfits are the real heroes and the future will be decided by the dreamers who team up with the doers.

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