Meet Olivia Stone, the Gladiator Princess. Discover how you can become more confident and reach the most powerful version of you!


Olivia Stone is the badass behind Gladiator Princess and is a mentor on the RISE: as priestess and healing channel, Olivia helps connect others to source and live their true purpose; allowing them to have the life they deserve to live.

Taking a business to that next level can be emotional. Making the decision to level up has led to Olivia’s ego to tell her that she can’t do it. Olivia admits that she tried to push all of this aside; but she has fully surrendered to her calling; but she also says that being scared is ‘normal’; so she is running with this message – as this is something that she is supposed to be doing!

Olivia’s purpose in life is to light up the lives of others, so that they realize that they are healed, whole and are here for a reason. This version of empowerment is how Olivia lives her life: with purpose.

One of Olivia’s tips is to look at where you are struggling with, as this is likely the place that your purpose is: the place where you can take a stand in life and find where you can make a difference; either via journaling or meditation. Mediation doesn’t need to be the form that we regularly think it is. Anywhere we take the time to take a for ourselves can be the right form of meditation for us.

When you are aligned with the tasks that you are trying to manifest, you have to take action. This is what Olivia is doing, with her amazing new project. Olivia is launching a magazine called The Divine Resolution which will cover ALL THINGS from the spiritual community, as this is something she strongly believes that the world needs now. Why revolution? Because Olivia wants to revolutionize how spirituality (including religion) is viewed in the world and return people to a place of love. Keep an eye out as the first issue will drop on June 1, 2018!

How does spirituality come into play when building businesses or running your life in general? For Olivia, spirituality is different for everyone as we all have a different connection with our higher power: all the while knowing that we have the power to create our life by talking the opportunities that are given to us!

Olivia also has her Facebook Group, Gladiatrix Dynasty where she shares meditations, spiritual tips and oracle card readings.


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My human name is Olivia Stone. I am a daughter of all the Universe. I willfully descended to Earth to heal the world. I have accepted the mission of Priestess, bringing love and light to every situation.

If you want labels, I am an MBA graduate, Metaphysical Practitioner, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, spiritual entrepreneur, a Priestess, healing channel, motivational speaker, writer, and advocate. I work with nature’s healing tools: essential oils, herbs, crystals, and energy. I am also a Certified Reiki Master.

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