Create an online course for a passive income stream to your business

Samantha chats with Sara Funduk of CourseCraft! Courses through CourseCraft has been such a key component for Badassery Magazine.

Courses can be used by such a wide variety of industries and can even be repurposed from a live webinar. For example, you can film an in-person workshop and create a course out of that to sell to your online community or upsell your live workshop attendees.

There are three easy ways to develop your course:

  1. Get really specific with you your course is for. Use your community to create a picture of a very specific person who wants your course.
  2. Start with the outcome in mind and work backwards. What do you want your students to achieve when they are finished with the course?
  3. What problems do they have? In the course, it’s not always about teaching them, it’s about implementing them, so give tons of action items. Make sure your community knows exactly what they’ll learn and get out of your course.

To learn more about creating a course, make sure you watch the replay!

About the Author

Sara Funduk

Sara Funduk

Sara Funduk has a passion for helping people achieve their entrepreneurial and personal goals through online courses. She started CourseCraft, an online course platform, in 2012 with her husband Ryan and has since grown an amazing community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are in creative or helping professions. CourseCraft helps them focus on connecting with students and making meaningful experiences. When Sara isn’t working on CourseCraft, she can be found hiking through the woods with her toddler, baking vegan treats or taking care of her garden.

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