Sara Funduk is the creative mind behind CourseCraft, THE amazingly simplistic and easy to use platform for all of your courses. Start crafting your courses today with CourseCraft!


Sara Funduk is the creative mind behind CourseCraft, THE amazingly simplistic and easy to use platform for all of your courses. Originally Sara had an Etsy shop, which moved her towards graphic design and taking a LOT of courses. Sara found that the way that the courses were set-up just wasn’t geared towards the students. Luckily Sara’s husband is a programmer, so with his help, CourseCraft was developed.

Whilst Sara originally designed CourseCraft to host her own courses, the entrepreneurial path twisted with the platform being shared for all business owners to use as a place to house their courses!

Whilst still having full-time day jobs, Sara and her husband worked evening and weekends to get CourseCraft to a point 6 months in where there were in a position to launch… something.  Once they had managed to launch, they received feedback from their early customers to tweak into the platform that we see in front of us today.

Sara received so many emails and messages about what a good eCourse looked like, and people asking how they should get started. This gave Sara the idea to launch the Craft Your Life FB Group – a place for all creatives to get together and share ideas and support each other.

What does a ‘good’ course look like? For Sara, this is the question, “what do I want my students to achieve?”; so that you have a focus on the end result and impact you will make. This goal makes it so much easier to create your course.

So, what is it like working as a husband and wife team? Sara admits that it isn’t always easy, but it does mean that they get to join both of their brains together to make CourseCraft as epic as possible!

What makes CourseCraft different to all other platforms out there? Sara says she is finally able to admit that they are the difference, which includes how their personality is infused through their business.

Sara’s biggest piece of advice: just get it out there, get people talking, get feedback and then made changes based on those recommendations.  

Badassery is able to back up how easy to use CourseCraft is, as we utilize it for ALL of our courses… We LOVE it!


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Sara Funduk has a passion for helping people achieve their entrepreneurial and personal goals through online courses. She started CourseCraft, an online course platform, in 2012 with her husband Ryan and has since grown an amazing community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are in creative or helping professions. CourseCraft helps them focus on connecting with students and making meaningful experiences. When Sara isn’t working on CourseCraft, she can be found hiking through the woods with her toddler, baking vegan treats or taking care of her garden.

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