Meet Sherrie McCarthy: the original Creative Mermaid, Mom, creative badass boss, writer, sailor AND owner of The Vibrant Living Academy.  Sherrie lives with her family on their sailboat as the original creative mermaid… all the while living in their messy middle on a daily basis.

Having spent years travelling the world on a motorbike with her husband, becoming parents meant that Sherrie and her husband had to change their lives… somehow. A year ago, after several little sailing trips, the family started living (and sailing) their way around the world. Sherrie was chatting with us from the Caribeean; which from a Badassery point of view is THE definition of BADASS and seriously just living in the moment!

Living in the moment is what Sherrie defines as the messy middle: living an imperfect life that just ‘happens’ and doesn’t have to look great!

Sherrie wants everybody to talk about their messy middle; those events in our lives that take us from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly AND accept that the messy and icky cocoon part is something that each of us need to be able to accept as a huge part of our lives.  As a true believer of not looking at the shiny objects around us, Sherrie wants everybody to be able to talk about and accept all of the events that cause the messy middle in our life, and not be ashamed to share those moments with the world; instead of just sharing the highlight reel on Instagram.

Sherrie would love all of you to take a look at the Creative Mermaids, as she is certain it has something to offer you!

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Meet Sherrie

Meet Sherrie

Sherrie is a writer and is currently living aboard her boat Falkor with her family. She believes passionately in the ability of creativity to heal. She also knows that life is messy and wonderful and painful and phenomenal. And writing helps sort all of those things out, which is why she created the Creative Mermaids.

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