Meet Sian Elizabeth, Badass VA and the queen of conversions. Learn how to convert your mailing list and more into paying customers.

Meet Sian Elizabeth, Badass VA/OBM and the Queen of Conversions.

Learn how to convert your mailing list, social media and more into paying customers. Sian started her online adventures in October 2016. In that time, she has launched three businesses (which she knows is crazy as hell): VA & OBM… VA Coach & Mentor… Conversion Queen. Passion, drive & determination and the healthy fear that failure was not an option, is what have made her so successful in 15 months!

Sian has now added to her mission: to find a way to make all female biz owners a Queen of their conversions.

Sian is on a mission to help women rise into their true selling potential. The thing that light a fire under our ass the most, is that she just gives a damn. It’s what make her full of glitter. She never holds back and is ready in a nano second to help anyone struggling with their online business. She is a true inspiration to all of us. Sian recently started a brand new Facebook group to help entrprenuers just like you become the Queen of Conversions. The group is full of value and will help you understand how a 30% conversion is possible. YES, we said 30%! Join it HERE!

After you’ve joined her epic Facebook group, get ready to grab some glitter. She even created an incredible 15+ page of glitter encrusted value. Are you ready to STOP just throwing shit out there and ‘hoping’ it’ll work “this time”? Are you ready to STOP worrying that you ‘won’t convert like you want to? Are you ready to become a QUEEN of CONVERSIONS?

This awesome AF workbook will GIVE you the DIRECTIONS you NEED to head straight to DESTINATION GLITTER! Learn more and grab it HERE!



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