How do you prove yourself as a female? When you have to prove yourself, it will inspire you to reach another goal!!


Meet Toni Gonzalez; New Jersey Police Sargent, badass owner of G3 Learning Systems: a business designed to keep all emergency first respondents safe by not only teaching them the basic Spanish terms they will need while on-scene. Toni is the FIRST female Police Sergeant in New Jersey, but before that she was in the US Army. Before Toni joined the army, she was shy. The army developed the mental toughness you see in Toni today!

Toni joined the police force 22 years ago; but she is so much more than just a female law enforcement officer. Basic Spanish was taught in the Police Academy, but Toni decided this needed to be taken further, by creating an online academy of courses for all first respondents. She has taken this one step further by including holistic health & wellbeing; to include the mind, body and soul.

Toni is so aware that emergency first responders see things that people outside of these professions are unlikely to ever see in their lives.
The reason mental health and wellness have been included as a part of what she offers? Toni is looking to ensure that emergency responders have a place to openly talk about the feelings they experience after attending certain scenes.

Toni set up her Facebook Group to support emergency first responders in a different way: to provide positivity and support to all (including spouses). The group is a place where Toni will be providing resources; including: holistic health & wellbeing and professional speakers to empower officers… and of course, the basic Spanish lessons with important terms and phrases will continue!

How do you cope as a female in a male dominated world? Toni says that it is still different for women in law enforcement. When she first joined the force, she had to constantly prove herself. Even now, in certain areas of life, Toni finds that females STILL have to prove themselves. The encouragement of two male superiors has empowered Toni to raise the level to where she is now.

Toni is passionate about people taking their self development further, so that they are able to connect their mind, body and soul; so that they are able to find their inner motivation. When you have to prove yourself everyday, you are actually able to inspire yourself – as you are consistently pushing yourself to push forward to those goals!


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Toni Gonzalez is the owner of G3 Learning Systems. Toni is a serving police officer and is currently patrol sergeant. Having wanted to help people from an early age, she didn’t dream of becoming a police officer. After leaving the army, Toni took the Civil Service Examination and passed – here she is now 22 years later.

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