OH HELLO THERE WEEKEND! Here’s what went down in Badassery Land this week- 

1. We sampled all the Rosé. Last night Kathy and Samantha literally sampled all their favorite Rosé. It was hilarious and bubbly. Need we really say more? Catch the replay of our live video on the Badassery Mag Facebook page.

2. Did you see we made it to the DailyVee? Every day Gary Vaynerchuk drops an inspirational video of his day. You can catch us just a few minutes in talking about female entrprenuers. His answer is basically the best thing ever and wins the internet for this week. Please watch it.

3. On the Badassery podcast this week, the one and only Mallory Whitfield. Ready to discover SEO, drag queens and how they all mash together? Well your mind is about to be blown as we discover how to have more fun in our business, Pinterest and passive income. PS…this podcast is on FIRE! If you love it, please give us 5 stars and share with all your friends. #sharingiscaring

4. On the blog, Five Secrets for an Ultra Tight Brand by Badassery’s Kathy Rasmussen. The Badassery brand is a HUGE part of our business. We get compliments on our branding all the time, but it didn’t happen overnight. We consistently evolved and refined it to become the on-point brand that you see today. Read the five things we did to tighten it up.

5. Also on the blog, Why Saying F*ck Made Me A Better Person. Want to read all about why Badassery Magazine editor, Samantha Parker, feels that saying the F-bomb made her a better person? She’s dishing her top 4 reason on our blog.

6. Check out this week’s Badass Interview with Belle Lockerby. Australian Belle Lockerby is back and totally slaying it. We recently interviewed Belle for our Badass Interviews series and she had us in stitches. This is her second time popping in live and she is soon becoming a Badassery favorite. WHY? Because she is dedicated to being true to herself in everything that she does. On this live video we discuss everything from Vegemite (seriously just watch) to why getting old is our main goal in life.

7. Want to partner with Badassery Magazine in 2018? We have TWO remaining spots. Learn about our community sponsorships here. Let us feature your business in front of our incredible audience. Our emerging entrepreneur sponsorships are out of this world and full of Badassery.

8. Want to sip margaritas pool side with the Badassery Magazine crew in Las Vegas? Snag one of our remaining Badassery Bash tickets. EPIC! We are about to announce some incredible bonuses. Oh like a photo booth….AND MORE!

Wahoo! See you all next week.