Build it and they will NOT come.

You need a community THAT LOVES YOU HARD. 

We KNOW that building a community is exactly like throwing a party and we want to show you how we have so much fun creating + building our own Badassery community. 

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Tarah Abram

Now of course I am a total advocate for the BADASSERY Community! I have too many
awesome things to say it’s hard to even begin. How did I stumble upon this dynamic duo and
their community? A casual online virtual meet up! Seriously that is how cool the opportunity to
connect with other like minds and those that resonate with your vibe is! If your intuition guides
you there, give it a shot! You can always leave with the click of a button!

Since joining communities that amazing women (well a few dudes too..) that have been on a
similar journey, it has totally changed my life! Like for real!!! If your gut leads you there- DO IT!
Even better yet, start your own and find the tribe that is in alignment with you!

Melissa Capps

Our generation is getting more and more lonely, studies have shown. Community used to mean your neighbors, your family, your classmates.
We Are Badassery has changed what community means, not just for me, but for thousands of others. Online networking and community is the new neighborhood bbq and no one does it better than Badassery.
To me, community means being able to step away from the party, but not feeling left out. Community means never fearing missing out on anything, because you are part of the “it”, whatever it may be. Community means being encouraged to try and try again and “oh, by the way, I can help.” Community means everyone has a place.
Community is We Are Badassery. Join the revolution.

Toni Gonzalez

Hi. I am the founder of Wellness & Learning for First Responders Lounge. I started out wanting to teach first responders how to learn to functional Spanish, while on the job. One day I decided there was a bigger message and another way that I wanted to help. I was working on my Health & Wellness degree and the idea of bringing wellness into this space made my heart race fast with excitement.

Being a First Responder is something I am proud of. I sometimes feel like we are forgotten and that people forget that we are human beings with feelings. First Responders have to deal with things that most people never have to deal with. The things we see change us and make us see life differently. I decided that this group could be that space for First Responders and that it was a start. Wellness & Learning for First Responders is a positive place to come, learn and grow. Mind, body, and Spirit. Community to me means coming together for a bigger purpose. To address the challenges that we face together. We uplift and support each other. My need to help my community has inspired me and my business and filled my heart with

Megan Chytraus

Community is so important when you are running a business! Whether you have a team or you are running it solo, there is so much to be gained from the support of other bosses! I think the greatest thing that I have gained from being a part of an online community is the realization that I don’t have to do it all! Not only do I not have to do it all, but I don’t even have to know how to do it all! Once you let go of that fallacy you free yourself up to focus on the things you are good at and more importantly the things you LOVE! You realize how important it is to surround yourself with other people who are following that same advice and eventually you realize that you have a circle of people around you and that between all of your talents you could truly conquer the world! The relationships that you build both online and in real life are the things that keep us going on hard days, the people who cheer for us on the good ones, and the ones who believe in us enough that we keep on keeping on and continue to build our future one idea at a time.

Find your community, build your community, LOVE your community, and remember you’re not in this alone.

SIan Elizabeth

I’ve spent a lot of my life not feeling ‘worthy’ and scared because I don’t ‘fit in’ not in the conventional way anyway. When I started my online business, I wasn’t in a great place. Finding a space where I could just be me, with everything that included, meant that I finally feel like I belong! It’s taken me so many years to feel as though I too have something to offer in the world.

Community is everything to me now: Not only am I part of some amazing online communities, where I can show up and share who I am; I have created two online communities of my own so that I can offer value, resources and support to others.

I want to share my story. I want to share my voice. I want to show up and just be the person I was too scared to show before.

Global online communities have allowed me to build friendships and relationships that wouldn’t have been possible before. When we share the same space, we empower each other to rise to the next level.

There is only one way I can finish this: when you have the opportunity to meet the women that empower and inspire you in real life, take it! You are able to connect on a deeper level, and you develop bonds that are unbreakable.

Julia Kerr

For me, being part of an online community has been essential to my personal and professional development. Creating a safe space with like-minded people gave me the opportunity to share my stories in solidarity with those who were able to relate and provided a valuable resource of support and comfort.

This allowed me to realise my life’s purpose and to network with the appropriate people to help use my voice for the highest good.
I have met and formed friendships with people globally and as a result, have discovered opportunities that I never knew existed. Like – I had no idea I could do half the shit I’m doing now.

Imagine how powerful a group of like-minded, engaged people can be when they are all working towards a common goal – all intentionally coming into a space together to support each to be the best version of themselves.
It’s incredible.

Surrounding myself with those kinds of people has completely changed the way I see myself and what I think im capable of. It allows fresh perspectives and new ideas from people I wouldnt have met otherwise. It gives me a network of brains to pick if Im stuck on something and a lot if shoulders to cry on when it doesnt go to plan.

Being part of an online community literally took me halfway round the world (thankyou badassery bash Las Vegas) and provides me with an entire network of people who get it. The good, the bad and the really shitty parts too – they just get it and I dont know how to compare that to anything in the real world.

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Samantha Parker and Kathy Rasmussen are the co-founders of Badassery Magazine and co-hosts of the Badassery podcast. This dynamic duo is determined to empower the world, one female entrepreneur at a time. Badassery Magazine supports a global community of female entrepreneurs who live bold, passion-filled lives. They have been featured on NowThis, Bold TV and numerous interviews and podcasts. Additionally, they have featured badass entrepreneurs on their podcast, such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Rebecca Campbell, Denise Duffield-Thomas and more.

When the two set out to create Badassery Magazine, they didn’t simply want to publish a magazine — they wanted to build an ultra-engaged community who celebrate life by embracing their true badassery.

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