This week has been INCREDIBLE. Seriously, where did it go? It’s like magic when you are having fun and getting shit done. Time just evades us. We are so excited to share all things Badassery with you this week. Hold on to your stretchy pants, we are about to throw it down.

1. Friday night we hosted the second Badassery Club workshop in St. George, Utah. We had an amazing turn out and couldn’t be happier with all the new people who showed up. We love our online communities and it’s so exciting to bring some of you together in person. Magic! Thank you to our Southern Utah sponsor, Even Stevens. Your sandwiches are nothing short of amazing. Our next workshop will be held in January. Watch for more Badassery Club workshops popping up all over the US.

2. WTF is alignment and why do I care? Those are the questions Kathy Rasmussen, Badassery co-founder answers on the blog this week. Kathy shows us how to make a vibration board by letting go of need, celebrating what you’ve already received and creating space for alignment. She explains how staying high vibe will help you manifest all the good stuff into your life. You don’t only want to raise your vibration when you are manifesting, keeping your vibes at high levels consistently will make it easier to receive the things you want. Read more here and create your own vibration board.

3. On the Badassery podcast this week we discussed business partner besties. In this episode, Kathy and Samantha talk about the ups and downs of being business partners including expanding creativity, the importance of complementing strengths, and dividing responsibilities. Plus, they share tips for getting through the rough patches and having empathy. Oh, and wine… lots of wine. Listen is and be ready for some truth bombs.

4. Did you catch our Badass Interview this week with emerging entrepreneur Emily Marie? Emily explains money blocks and the top three things you can easily shift for more of that epic green stuff in your life. Read the amazing recap and watch the interview right here!

5. How do you stay inspired as an online business owner? You start connecting with people in real life. As a digital entrepreneur and nomad, we tend to get lonely. You might not realize it, but all those days alone typing on your computer, bouncing back and forth to zoom calls, Facebook lives, they all give us some form of connection, but it’s really not the true connection we need. Read Badassery Magazine Editor, Samantha Parker’s top five ways to stay inspired, motivated and more blissful by stepping out into the real world. Click here to not only see her tips, but check out some fun pics too.

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6. The Badassery Academy is officially re-open and ready to change your life. Pre-sale bonuses and pricing ends MONDAY! Are you tired of trying to build a business and sick of waiting for it to happen? Guess what? You deserve to have it all and we couldn’t agree more. Are you ready to become an influencer in your space AND one badass boss? Are you over everyone telling you “everything” you should be doing? Are you ready to build a passion-based business full of energy and cash flow? Look, you don’t need another free webinar or workbook. The Badassery Academy is a 12 week journey that will leave you with a badass business and a seriously kick ass lifestyle. Questions? Just hit reply!

Badassery Academy7. FINALLY! Our cocktail of the week. WE are seriously swooning over all things fall and this perfect fall sangria. Did someone say Autumn Apple Rosé Sangria? Cassie at Wholfully sure did. This cocktail is seriously STUNNING. PS…we are always looking for new cocktails to try. Just shoot us an email and let’s chat. 

Thank you for believing in yourself, even when the rest of the world says no! Seriously, you are a badass. Here’s to one epic weekend. If you are celebrating Halloween, please tag us in your pics. We want to see your epic costumes. #WEAREBADASSERY

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