Weekly Recap Badassery Magazine

Happy November. We hope your month is off to an incredible star. Do you have an epic weekend planned? If you do, you might want to scroll down to see some margarita magic.

Ready for the weekly throw down? It’s pretty epic this week. Here we go….

1. Did you miss this week’s badass interview with Joie Gharrity? How can you treat your business like it belongs in Hollywood? Joie Gharrity from 113 Branding knows the importance of merging Hollywood insider knowledge with your branding. She has a unique point of view, that really just makes damn good sense. Joie believes in embracing your past and not hiding from all of your achievements. Her incredible method of developing your song, that inspires and uplifts those around you, will give you a solid messaging advantage. Watch the incredible interview here!

2. RSVP now for the BUILD YOUR MVP WORKSHOP. Do you have that big idea? Are you constantly re-working it? Ready to just hit go? Join us for fun and informative workshop on creating your MVP! Which in the business world means your “Minimum Viable Product”! Stop perfecting your big idea and just start implementing. *This workshop will be recorded but is always better live* Check it out here! If you are not a member of our Facebook group, We Are Badassery, you will need to join first!

In this workshop we will cover-

  • Identifying your MVP
  • Creating an timeline
  • Using milestones to track your progress
  • Stages of idea development

3. On the Badassery podcast this week- Ryan Van Duzer. On this episode, Ryan Van Duzer talks to Samantha and Kathy about the extreme highs and lows of creating and maintaining a passion-based business. He explains how his love of extreme adventure turned into a full time career through being true to himself, working hard and doing something that keeps his soul alive. Just listen for yourself!

4. On the blog, 5 Well Kept Industry Secrets for FB ADs. Do you feel like Facebook ads will be the death of your wallet, when they should be the reason your business is thriving? Jamie Lee is letting you in our best kept secrets.You can also check out Kathy’s Ramussen’s Entrprenuerial Master List this week. We’re all trying to find balance, but for the entrepreneur, our business and life are so blended, it can be hard to distinguish one from the other. And if we’re following our passions, is that distinction even necessary anyway? Is it really possible to find balance when everything’s all mashed up together? Find out here.

5. The Badassery Academy Starts on November 13th. Are your ready for that next big step in your life? Are you ready to turn things into total overdrive? Let’s not only transform your business but your entire life. The Badassery Academy is a 12 week journey that will leave you with a badass business and a seriously kick ass lifestyle. If we listed out everything it included this would be the LONGEST email ever. You just have to check it out here!

6. Did you see that we just release a BRAND new issue of Badassery Magazine? Read the entire issue for FREE right here! This is our biggest issue yet.

7. Do you love podcasts? Check our top 15 podcasts for bosses just like you. Podcasts have been around for awhile now and they are literally an unlimited bank of inspiration. Plus the really good ones, drop their best nuggets of truth and love into them. It is a great way to stay on top of the latest trends, hear candid interviews from your favorite business owners and even laugh your ass off. When you work from home, it can be hard to tap into what’s going on out there in the real world. Podcasts are an incredible way to learn on the go, in the shower (personal fav) or just when you need some down time.

8. Cocktail of the Week! Margarita Magic. This an epic mixture brought to you by Kathy Rasmussen. Nothing says badass than a refreshing sweet, sour and salty margarita. It pairs perfectly with a big bowl of chips and salsa and spicy southwest fare. I love my margaritas bruised on the rocks with salt on the rim.  What’s bruised, you ask? Well that means the cocktail is shaken extra hard with ice. So hard, in fact, there is a thin layer of ice crystals on the top of the drink after it is poured into the glass. Ice cold and frosty… yum! Check out the recipe and learn how to salt the rim like a pro here.

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