You are a badass. Just own it.

While you wait, check out what happened in Badassery land this week-

1. We threw it down with Tanja de Bie-Van Leeuwen. Tanja chatted with us for this week’s Badass Interview series. If you have a big idea or even too many ideas, this is the perfect chance for you to grab a free idea planner. Check out the interview and more here.

2. Huge thank you to Dixie Willard and Rachel Viloria Moriarty! We were guests on their podcast this week and it was so much fun! PSSTT… Kathy Rasmussen and I totally spilled the beans about something really cool we have lined up next week! Let’s just say we are in the giving mood and it’s going to be the biggest thing we have ever done. Listen in.

3. We think you should give yourself a gift this holiday season. That’s why we rounded up the top books we love, a huge list of handmade gifts and our favorite desk besties. Why not treat yourself this year?

4. On the blog, we want to show you how to grow your Facebook group all by treating it like an online party. Stop stressing about it and just pick up our epic party tips here. If you’re not having fun there really is no point in doing anything at all. Want to come to our party? Consider this a formal invitation. You are officially invited to join our community of badasses. We are a promo positive community and we welcome your Badassery. See at the party boss.

5. On the podcast this week, Create, Publish and Sell Your Book with It’s not as hard as you think to publish a book. Gone are the times of searching and begging for a publisher. Just create it yourself. Jump in and meet Chelsea Bennett from Give yourself permission to implement that next big idea. LISTEN HERE.

See you next week badasses!