This recap is a little extra special because we just dropped a brand new issue of Badassery Magazine. This issue is packed full of glitter and some serious holiday cheer. 

Be ready to have your mind blown with tons of Badassery.

Our cover features artist Taylor Lee. In this issue we address handling the haters, understanding the truth about spirituality and our 2017 holiday gift guide for bosses. Including our favorite books, handmade gifts and desk besties for female entrepreneurs. Are ready to buy a home? We’ve got that covered too. You can even dive into December’s energy forecast.


And of course our weekly Badassery recap. 

1. Are you ready to live an empowered life without all the overwhlem?Katy Rose throws it down for us as this week’s featured guest blogger. Read her 4 easy to manage steps here. 

2. You have to meet this badass, Desiree Wiercyski! Desiree Wiercyski is a women on a mission and she’s not letting anyone step on her vibe. Her purple hair and love of retail is something you will swoon over when you see how she embraces just being YOU. She explains it best on this week’s Badass Interview.

3. On the Badassery podcast this week CREATIVE GANGSTER Allie Smith. Are you recharging or are you hiding from what’s really important? In this episode Allie Smith dives into how many cups of coffee and the reality of how short life can be. Allie is here with her wild red hair to offer some incredible advice on overwhelm in creativity.

4. BUSINESS TOOLS! Three ways to up your visibility game. Being visible can be hard if you let it — it takes thoughtful planning, creativity, consistency and time. But, adding a few simple strategies to your planning will help your visibility flow. Grab our visibility checklist and snag some killer strategies HERE.

5. We are looking for the top 25 badass women to watch out for in 2018. Selected badasses will get a feature in our magazine, our blog and all over our social media. We will also give a shout out to the person nominating them. We are looking for women who are-
Place your nominations RIGHT HERE!

6. Dream Big. Live Intentionally. Be Badassery. We are hosting an incredible 2 hour workshop next week that even includes a hard copy of our brand new manifesting journal. SPOTS are so limited. Learn more and grab them while it’s hot.

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