Being the big dreamer


Have you ever felt like the misfit?

You know what I mean: when you felt like you were the ONLY one trying to carve out a piece of your dreams…but nobody around you understands?

Do you feel like you have the biggest dreams (the really good ones that keep you up at night), but you’re still stuck in this small corner office, in your little speck of the world and no one can see you?

Do you have a passion that is sitting inside of you just waiting to burst out, but you almost feel like you’re a ‘caged animal’, because time and circumstance just doesn’t seem to go your way?

Do you have an idea or a vision that you feel is starting to die inside you because you just can’t “find your big break”?

Do you feel like others just can’t see you?

I remember feeling just like you.

Who would notice me, I’m just a lady from Utah. There’s nothing significantly special about me. I don’t literally have glitter in my veins, I have blood just like everyone else.

I wrote posts that were spilling out from my soul and no one listened. I had a vision, but felt like nobody could see me. So, I always thought “why me”?

But…why not me?

I remember feeling like I was holding my breath all the time…Like please god (the universe, whatever), please just fucking make this work this time. I can’t keep up this pace and I can’t keep feeling like my voice will never be heard. I can’t keep juggling my house payment and making pancakes for dinner.

I remember receiving a vision (I was crying with overwhelm in my bedroom because the struggle is real). People would listen and I would make a impact that is still bigger than I can see even now.

I held onto that. It was just a glimmer in my mind, it could have been completely made up by imagination, but I choose to live as if it was real. WHY? Because the pain of those big dreams dying inside of me, is literally like a knife inside my soul.

FIND your glimmer and don’t lose it. Those tears you are crying are now your stepping stone. From the Greatest Showman – You can’t be broken down to dust. You are brave. March onto the beat of the drum. Don’t be scared to be seen and NEVER make apologies.

NEVER. Do NOT apologize for your dreams.

We are literally the misfits. The ones who dared to dream. The ones who are willing to face the struggle. The ones who just KNOW that there’s a small pin point of hope.

I swear on my life, if there’s a needle in a haystack somewhere that determines my success, I’ll fucking find it and then light it on fire.

This is living in my Badassery. Not anyone else’s, just mine. Most of the people don’t understand it. But I do. That is why Badassery IS my passion… and I live it.

You fucking deserve to live it too.


About the Author


I’m SAMANTHA PARKER, the cofounder of Badassery Magazine.

Now I’m teaching others how to build their own online empires. Yes, empires. I believe that building and nurturing a sense community with your business is the key to massive success.




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