Meet badass author, Kimberly Love, who explains why she chose to write about her life as a way to heal & help others


Kimberly Love is the powerhouse author behind You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine. Kimberly has spent 15 years as a ghost-writer, whether it be a website, blog post or book. In the past couple of years Kimberly made the decision to start writing and publishing her own work.

Freelancing as a ghost-writer was originally built up by proposing for work, where she was written over 100 books for others. Now, all of Kimberly’s work comes via word of mouth (yes, she is that good). Kimberly says that a large proportion of books we will see in the bookstore will likely have been written by a ghost-writer, like Kimberly: you receive a chapter-by-chapter outline, flesh the content out and are unlikely to even know the final title of the book you have written!


Why did Kimberly write You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine? This book is about Kimberly’s life, that is very relevant in society today. By writing her personal story, she hopes that she will be able to help others who have also experienced some of the issues and struggles raised.

As Kimberly says herself, while she has changed names throughout the book, there are probably some people who have been included who aren’t impressed by her disclosures; but this was the release that Kimberly needed to release things from her past (via her writing).


Where did the title come from? When Kimberly was designing the cover, one thing stood out: people will buy a book based on the cover ALONE. To make the cover as eye-catching as possible; they worked on the statistic that yellow is the most purchased book cover. The title comes from the ‘guy that got away’, and what Kimberly remembers tasting when she kissed him.

The idea of writing about yourself is not an easy one. This book has taken Kimberly 5 years to really get to the point of fully writing her story. Using the power of journaling, she worked out which stories she would include and how she would flesh out each chapter to make it as compelling as possible. Using the same process as screenwriters, using the 3-act structure: as this keeps her grounded, stops her from feeling ‘lost’ in her own story and allows her to work her way through each chapter.


Who was the most fun person to write about in this book? Kimberly has had the same boxing coach for the past 6 years. As one of the most inspiring men in Kimberly’s life, she has become stronger just by knowing him. When we say boxing, we mean ACTUAL BOXING, where she does get into the ring with 200lb men!


What’s the biggest takeaway that Kimberly wanted to teach?  That we can do anything… no matter what. It doesn’t matter how many struggles we may have faced: we can overcome anything and be stronger because of what happened, as opposed to ‘in spite’ of them.

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About Our Guest


I have been a ghostwriter for fifteen years; I’ve written 20 books for clients and thousands of articles. I spend my days writing, trying not to get sucked in by my Facebook notifications or get into the whiskey decanter (just kidding…kinda). I have published a memoir, You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine and just finished my second crime thriller novel.

I’m obsessed with dinosaur movies and am completely enamored with the life of a vampire, as immortality would sure help me achieve my bucket list.

I was raised in Sault Ste. Marie but have spent the past 15 years in Windsor, Ontario. 

You can reach me here: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website 


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