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SEO doesn’t have to be scary and Google doesn’t have to seem like a faceless giant. Think of Google as a friend – a real person. If someone asked you for a referral, like for a good doctor or the next great book to read, you’d want to make sure you gave them a good quality referral, right?

If it turned out that your referral was bad, you’d never refer that person/business/thing again. They’d be off your referral list – or at least a long way down. Google feels the same way. If someone asks them for a referral, they want it to be a great one. They don’t want their user to be disappointed. If they are, they aren’t going to make the same referral.

Google uses algorithms to find good referrals. SEO is making sure your website fits the criteria Google is looking for.



Lorraine Watson

Lorraine Watson

Lorraine Watson is a computer nerd turned holistic practitioner turned SEO nerd turned life coach turned SEO nerd and life coach. Odd as the pairing might seem, both are directly related at helping you get you and your work into the world.