How to get out of your own way and start living a life of passion and purpose

Girls that come from small towns don’t have to have small dreams. In fact, those small-town girls can grow into big-time women. Jordan Hemsley shows us exactly what it is like to break out of a little box and create big dreams that are manifested into real life.

Maybe you don’t know what your purpose is right now, or all you know is that you’re bigger than the life you’re living. We, as women, were made for those big dreams. So, what if all you needed was a little push in the right direction to remind you of how amazing you truly are? What would THAT do for your life? How could your life change?


Jordan knew this scenario all too well when she was trying to find herself and become the woman she is today. She was a newly-wed mom who had lost her sense of self and identity and slowly started to slip into a dark place. She was a secretary for an accounting agency and dreaded going into work every day and, taking care of her home, her husband, and new baby were her only priorities. When Jordan looked in the mirror she hated who she saw and was itching to get out of her own skin.

After almost three years at rock bottom, with her marriage on the rocks, and seemingly no end in sight Jordan made a conscious decision that something needed to change.

After another long, exhausting three years she finally built herself up to the woman she is now – The powerhouse who helps other women find their true worth and potential through live events and coaching. It wasn’t an easy road, and it won’t be for you either, but it is always worth it.

Jordan Hemsley is excited to share her upcoming event with you and help you to break out of your rut and into your biggest potential. This full-day experience will inspire you to become your best self, teach you essential life skills that you can’t learn anywhere else, and help you change the world by connecting with other astounding women – just like YOU!


This life-changing event will also help you:

  • Understand the power that comes from women banding together. Alone we are strong, but together we are unstoppable. You will find that strength and unity with other women to guide you to reach your goals
  •  Accelerate your success and help you reach your goals faster. You’ll gain the confidence and courage to do what you think you’re not ready to do.
  • Implement easy daily habits that will set you up for success again and again. We are what we repeatedly do and think in our lives. Once you change your daily habits, your life will take on a massive transformation.
  • Create core purpose statements for your life. Finding the values in your life that are important to you and creating statements in those areas to repeat to yourself will give you clear and guided direction every day.


  • Learn and follow a manifestation process. We become and do what we think about. We can train ourselves to pull things into our lives that are meant to be there.
  • Meet and network with other powerful women ready to step into their power so you can grow and become the woman you’ve always dreamed of being… and more!

She has brought in seven speakers from all over the country and the state of Utah and they are coming together to inspire you, to teach you how to increase love, jump into a new reality, make life-long connections, and to show you what it feels like to break out.

But, even better, Jordan knows how important it is to give back wherever she can. Giving, to her, is not just about making a donation – it is about making a difference! So, when you attend her Break Out events you don’t just get to break out of the boxes you’re living in, you could potentially help women everywhere break out of their life-threatening situations.


She has teamed up with different organizations who aid in rescuing women and children who have been taken into human trafficking and donates 20% of all profits to these organizations.

“We want to help the organizations that are working to end this and to support and rehabilitate those that are coming out damaged and broken. Not one person can do everything to stop it, but we can all do something by taking action now!”

Supporting and empowering women to break free from their cages doesn’t stop at this event. Jordan is here to support all women, regardless of the cage they’re in.

Through service, personalized coaching, and diving deep into her sense of self Jordan has grown into such a powerhouse and really embodies the small-town girl living big dreams. She shows everyone that loving yourself and living up to the standards you set every day will pay off and give you big returns.

By joining her tribe you will be able to grow and flourish in to the woman you truly are and you will get to meet and network with other powerful women ready to step into their power so they can support your growth as you break out the box you’ve been hiding in and become that woman you’ve always dreamed of being… and more!

“Just remember to take action, live with passion, and start living that life you’ve imagined. You deserve it!”

About the Author

Jordan Hemsley

Jordan is the founder and creator of the Break Out Summit – a day long event to help you break out of your box and develop confidence and determination in your life.

She is an expert in loving and finding your true self and potential, and guiding you to find and truly begin to love who you are, and what you’re meant to do. She has been coaching high-end clients for the past year and has developed a system to help those clients reach their fullest potential through manifestation and love.

Jordan’s mission is to help women (and men) all over connect to their inner selves and find their life’s purpose so they can finally start living their vision for who they are meant to be.

Outside planning events and coaching Jordan is a wife and stay at home mom to two littles. She enjoys dancing and fitness, pina coladas and game nights.

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