Learn how to infuse magic, energy & your sexuality into your life & business to achieve your goals.


The answer is YES; and Kathy Kassab, the Suburban Housewitch explained how and why! But first, what is a witch? Someone who recognizes their own internal power and is attuned to how you can use your power to shift your life to the place that you want it to be.

Kathy has a philosophy that magic doesn’t have to be hard, or go to a new age store to gather items before you can complete a simple love or manifestation spell. Any kind of manifestation or energy work can be defined as magic. Being a witch and practicing magic doesn’t have to be negative. When we become interested in magic and manifestation, it is usually because we have something in our lives that we want to change.

Kathy doesn’t have a specific defining moment of ‘becoming a witch’, but she did have a moment of realization that she had a new path. This moment meant that she knew she had stepped onto the goddess path; which includes the gift of love and sex.


What are we ‘meant’ to be enjoy? Embracing the path that we are on: whether it be relationships, love and sex or money – these paths no longer have such a negative connotation attached to them. Wanting more in your life needs to have substance attached to it; even if it’s looking for the love of your life.

How can you apply magic to your business? The list of goals we write for our business are a simple form of manifestation. Kathy recommends that you roll it up, place it in your office in a place where you have awareness of it; then focus your energy on how you will achieve these actions. Don’t fall into the trap of focusing on what something ‘needs’ to look like: you end up taking up energy and space that relinquishes your power.


Kathy offers amazing insights into the magic that you can infuse into your life, including the power of the new and full moons: these isn’t a right or wrong way to use this power, you just need to put the intention behind the energy.  Sending your energy out into the world can be as simple writing a word down, and focusing on this during sex with your partner.

Amazing things can happen if you open yourself up to the possibility of magic, manifestation and the exchange of energy (including opening yourself up to sex magic)!



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About Our Guest

Kathy Kassab is dedicated to helping women live more magical lives. Her witchy practice combines spiritual advancement, personal growth, practical magic, and delicious living. Her greatest act of magic was transforming her life. In one major manifestation spell, she went from living alone in a leaky, 600-square-foot apartment in a dodgy neighborhood to living with her own personal Prince Charming in a big house in a wealthy suburb. Her hobbies include getting in touch with her inner Love Goddess by: walking along the lake in a nearby park; relaxing at the local float spa or mani-pedi palace; and long, hot baths with Lush bath bombs, chocolate and champagne, and her husband. It’s all Divine. And it’s all part of creating the lives we were meant to live. Want to get in on the magical fun?

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