Sales and coupons do not have to be a symptom of lack mentality. Keep reading to discover how they can create a place of abundance!

When asked the question of sale shopping or couponing, many coaches teach that this is a part of a scarcity mindset. Many feel that using sale prices and coupons to extend one’s budget is out of fear that there isn’t enough money to go around, or in fear of scarcity. And, if that’s WHY you’re shopping sales, they aren’t wrong.

I’ve always been a sale shopper, because long ago I was taught that we couldn’t afford the “nicer” things otherwise. So, walk into a store, beeline to the sales rack. See shirts for $1? Awesome! Grab them up!

Who cares if it’s a weird color, or the collar isn’t sewn on quite right, it’s X Brand, and that’s good quality. We couldn’t afford it otherwise. Or, we couldn’t afford so many otherwise. Better to build a quality closet!

It’s a strange narrative, and one that was so ingrained in me that it took a LOT of work and a long time to revise. This narrative was authored by my mother, who was taught by her mother, a baby born during the Great Depression in the 1930s. I understand that during the depression, everything felt scarce, and no one was there to coach my grandmother and her family into noticing abundance and realizing that there was plenty to go around. That’s all changed, however, and there really and truly is plenty of EVERYTHING to go around. We just have to understand that on levels that my grandmother still can’t seem to grasp in 2017.

The question isn’t whether or not sale shopping is a symptom of a mindset of lack and scarcity, but rather, WHEN is sale shopping a symptom of  fear and lack?

Put simply, it’s a matter of intention. Are you shopping sales so you can donate more of what you have today? For example, i first noticed a shift in my own mindset the day that I went to the dollar rack and said, “Wow! I budgeted twenty bucks this month to donate to the charity closet at school! I can get far more if I shop the sales rack than if I shop the regularly priced items!”

That day, I was able to fill a HUGE bag with brand new clothing to give the nurse. Some of it was super bright colors, or strangely pink leopard print, but it was giving back on a different level than I had been able to give back previously.

Are you shopping sales to extend your budget and buy higher quality food items? I work with a single mother who routinely buys organic produce based on the “Clean Fifteen” list, but her budget only stretches so far, and she wants to provide the best she can for her children. It’s not that she “can’t afford” otherwise, but that she “can provide additional” items when she purchases the foods that are in season and therefore priced accordingly.

Are you shopping with coupons because they basically amount to free money? Those little twenty-five cent vouchers are like tiny quarters you can easily pick up and add to your grocery budget. We stop to pick up and do happy dances for pennies, so why wouldn’t we rejoice when we find a dollar off voucher for the hummus dip that we were going to buy anyway?

Are you shopping sales to purchase more meaningful experiences for your family? There are different memories when you attend two-dollar miniature golf on Tuesday mornings versus cosmic bowling with lights and music on a Friday night with a free pizza with purchase coupon. There is a grand difference between a day trip to the dinky old local museum than a trip to a large national monument, paid for by price comparison and free admission vouchers.

The fact is that yes, in a lot of cases, maybe most cases, shopping with sale pricing and coupons comes from a place of scarcity, fear, and lack. But, I venture to say that sale shopping may also come from a point of transition. A place where we create abundance by refusing to leave money on the table, even if it comes in the form of percentage off sales and coupon off vouchers.

I dare suggest that sales shoppers may be practicing this behavior from a place of learning and growth, where we can take some scarier financial leaps and still know that we can safely provide for our families. The first coach that I ever invested in was paid for with money I saved by grocery shopping with sales and coupons. I created a reality by taking my own small actions, and it did pay off tremendously.

When we shop with sales and coupons and rain-check vouchers, we must do so from the point of view of creation. Of creation of a new, more abundant reality, where we can purchase that designer jacket, AND have our organic salads. Is it really so important that the jacket was purchased at outlet pricing and the salad was paid for with the dollar you found inside the newspaper clippings?

About the Author

Emily Marie David uses healing energies and intuitive reading work to help entrepreneurs remove energetic and mindset blocks so they can follow their intuition and manifest the lives they desire and deserve. Emily is the creator of FairySong Activation and Energy Healing and curator of the Intuitive Abundance Angels Facebook community.

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