How to get started with an inclusive interview from Gina Daschbach


Gina Daschbach is the creator of Perooz – The Magazine Creator: a place to create print magazines for bold and creative entrepreneurs, to put their message into the hands on their audiences. Gina has a passion for putting all of the content we have as entrepreneurs to put it together in a different way, so that it can become a show case!

(there is a story behind the reason Gina has used this name, so make sure you watch the recap because it’s all included there)…


How did Gina get started? With a background in marketing, she worked with large corporate companies, where she created press and PR; with amazing photography to show off their products. However, Gina was unable to control what an editor may put next to their article or advert.

Four years ago, Gina was using all of her skills; but wasn’t really fulfilled by what she was using her time doing. Finally, when Gina realized that she wasn’t heading in the direction of her zone of genius (and passion), she decided that her true purpose was to CREATE magazines: allowing entrepreneurs to engage, inspire and interact with their audiences…  This also allowed Gina to have control of how the magazines were designed and created!


One message from Gina, which she learned via the DDT podcast: you do not have to be a guru in the world, as you can take a place as a contributor, where you are supporting OTHERS to share their message with the world


How can an entrepreneur make a bigger impact by putting your words into a print magazine? Gina wants everyone to realize that you shouldn’t just have a magazine; as you need to get your message out there across all social media platforms, podcasts and through courses; instead of just using a magazine (using a Badassery metaphor, you need your glitter cannon to literally throw that glitter EVERYWHERE first)!

Once you have a solid tribe, you can literally use print magazines to share your message in a way that is almost the same as recreating #IRL experiences – because the stories are all included in a magazine, in bite-sized chunks.


What has Gina learned about print magazines? Gina has learned a lot, and has realized that she didn’t want to include a design service, because it’s about the creation first. With the option of 3 different types and lengths of magazines, Gina uses these options to showcase all types of content her clients may want to include. With up-to 3 strategy calls and within 8 weeks, clients actually have their magazines in their hands!



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About Our Guest


I create custom branded content magazines (in print!) for bold entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Think of it as your own “O” Magazine – about you, your programs/services and client successes – a magazine for your own tribe. People don’t buy from companies that advertise – they buy from people who tell stories, that’s why I took my love for photography, storytelling and graphic design and my passion of working with creative people – and launched Perooz – The Magazine Creator.

I help my clients get their message into the hands of their audience in a big, bold way that takes less time and energy than they would ever imagine.

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