Dr. Michelle Mazur - badass boss and founder of communication rebel - speech coach and speaker

Meet Dr. Michelle Mazur

Michelle Mazur, PhD, is the host of the Rebel Rising Podcast, author of three books including the upcoming 3 Word Rebellion: Create a Message that is Bigger than Your Business. She is the founder and CEO of Communication Rebel where she helps change-making business owners, entrepreneurs, and speakers become thought leaders by taking a stand with their 3 Word Rebellion.

Michelle passionately believes that communication changes the world. She lives for meaningful conversations that shake up the status quo, tear down industries, and create a vision of change.

“I believe we’ve had too many ideas spreading like the flu around the Internet.  Those ideas don’t do a whole lot to change people or industries. Spreading ideas is just adding to the noise.”

Because of this, Michelle built her business around helping people articulate their unique message so it rises above the crowd allowing it to be heard and make a serious impact. She helps people craft the message for which they want to be known, or as she calls it, their 3 Word Rebellion.

Michelle has a PhD in Communications and understands the perceptions of the audience and what makes them say “heck yes” or “oh, hell no” to a speaker’s message. Her years of education and speaking experience give her the advantage of being able to look for clues to see where the audience may resist a speaker’s message and how the speaker can adjust it to bring the audience closer to a “yes”.

Being a researcher at heart, Dr. Mazur brings her qualitative research skills into her messaging work which makes it easy for her to spot patterns, themes, and turns of phrase that can easily be used in her clients’ 3 Word Rebellions.

Other fun facts about Michelle:

  • She met her husband at speed dating because she decided to try everything when it came to meeting the right guy.
  • She’s the mother of kittens (THREE in fact — Attie, Brodie, and Samson). Check out her Instagram if you want to see their cute faces.
  • Her favorite TV shows are The Handmaid’s Tale, Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones, and Santa Clarita Diet (because she needs some levity).
  • On the weekends, you can find her at a local brewery — if you’re in Seattle check out Rooftop, Stoup, and Hellbent.
  • She’s a huge Duran Duran fan. She’s seen them over 50 times in concert. Her hubby, a hardcore Rush fan, has seen them 5. (She married a great guy).

Connect with Michelle on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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