Tips for small business owners and entrepreneurs to attract clients by being authentic and building meaningful relationships with their customers.

Do you feel like the same old marketing tactics aren’t working anymore? You’re probably right. Customers are growing savvy to the tricks old-school marketers employ and it is time to start breaking the rules.

On this episode of Wine & Webinars, Mollie Fagan with Real to Ideal walks us through the importance of engaging in authentic relationships with your audience instead of using gimmicks.

During this illuminative discussion, Mollie teaches us:

  1. what enlightened marketing is and why this is the best time ever to break all the rules and show up authentically to stand out and attract clients to literally increase their impact AND income
  2. how small businesses can literally change the world and make it a better place for everyone and how we’re in the perfect place in world history to make this happen right now
  3.  how mission-driven businesses, thought-leaders, and influencers can grow their following with the use of enlightened marketing and thus create this world-changing industry/culture

Grab a glass of your favorite story-driven beverage and watch:

Mollie Fagan

Mollie Fagan

Mollie’s clients started calling her the Merpirate Marketing Coach, because “she helps you uncover the hidden treasure that is your unique way of doing business and use it to attract soulmate clients that can’t wait to go on an adventure with you!”

She created Real To Ideal as a vehicle for global evolution, to help biz owners, thought leaders, and influencers grow their own movements and revolutionize their industries. Real To Ideal has grown into a full-fledged marketing agency that offers marketing that matters for rebels WITH a cause in a range of done-for-you, D.I.Y., and coaching solutions.

She’s a total geek for anime, steampunk, whiskey, and writing fantasy fiction where the misfits are the real heroes and the future will be decided by the dreamers who team up with the doers.

Grab a copy of the Enlightened Marketing Plan for Revolutionary Leaders.

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