Hey there badass we see you! Sitting there with that next big idea that is going to change everything. The only problem, you just don’t know where to start. Big ideas will literally fester up and die inside you if you wait to long to let them out. That is why we are here to help you make that fist move using something we call the MVP. We even created some incredible worksheets and recorded a live workshop just to ensure that your big idea gets moving forward. Grab the replay link and download your worksheets by clicking below. We will send them to your inbox super fast so you can get started TODAY!

Did you know that Badassery Magazine was literally started with an MVP? Which in our world means Minimum Viable Product. Where the word product, actually means your idea and viable is it coming to life. AKA…out into the world, at the market, people are buying or purchasing from you. It’s alive! Then minimum equates to the least amount of work possible or the least amount of money, resources, etc. That includes your time too.

Least amount of effort + alive + your idea = MVP

Take your big idea and start thinking about how you can just get it out there, in all it’s glory, but in it’s MVP state. JUST GET STARTED!

Every idea has various stages. In fact, there are four:

  1. Development + Design
  2. Production
  3. Promotion
  4. Delivery

These stages can be measured out and implemented using milestones. Basically by just starting your kick ass plan! Make sure you download the worksheets and watch the workshop for our number one tip on drinking wine…kidding! While there’s no wine #sorrynotsorry there are some epic explanations of how you can easily create your MVP today. You need a plan fellow badass.

Your very first milestone should always be your launch date. When is this idea going to hit the public and come alive? We recommend using a paper calendar and writing that date down. We will wait while you do this. GREAT! Now that you have that date, doesn’t it feel pretty epic? Can you breath a little? NEXT- it’s time to get busy and take action. Start working backwards on your timeline. When does your pre-sale start? When are you going to start warming up your audience? Make sure you include celebratory dances and of course when you will have certain key pieces of your MVP completed. Milestones are the target dates for major events happening along the way. They set you up to measure your progress, keep you moving forward and see how close you are to idea birth.

Perfection is your enemy and will just delay the process. It’s just a fancy excuse that goes along with that other P word. PROCRASTINATION! No one wants procrastination to show up at their party. Implementing your idea via your MVP will save time and some serious benjamins! The MVP gives you a chance to make changes when you are least invested (with your time + money) on a project. Huge bonus: you can experiment with what works and what doesn’t work. You can test out all those theories and get feedback from your audience. Imagine this– You spent months crafting your perfect idea and invested your entire life savings. Fast forward to the finished idea and you f*cking hate it. You are out big time. Think MVP first.

Ready to make that MVP?

Remember there’s always a different way to do things. Lets say you want a cup of the best coffee ever. In fact you want to become the go-to coffee badass in your area. The only problem, you’ve never even made a cup of coffee before. Should you sell everything and fly to France to learn how to craft an artisan cappuccino or should you just start by trying out the coffee pot in your pantry? Start with what you have and decide if you even enjoyed the simplest process before you go all in.

Use the worksheets and start by just writing down your launch date.

Then start breaking down the tasks.

Assign each task a milestone (date).

Then take some action. It really is that simple! 

We want to help you get started with your MVP. Download the worksheets + watch the workshop and get things moving. Need help? Just drop us a comment below and let’s brainstorm. When you get your MVP going, do NOT leave out the most important part. Promotions. Building an audience and gaining momentum is key from day one. We know a thing or two about building highly engaged audiences and can get you that momentum your MVP will need. The Badassery Academy is a 12 week journey that will leave you with a badass business and a seriously kick ass lifestyle. Let’s not only build your MVP but let’s put it in front of the right people, who are ready to buy.

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