Do you feel like Facebook ads will be the death of your wallet, when they should be the reason your business is thriving? If you’re nodding your head YES and shaking your fist as you go 0 for 3 with your Facebook Ads, I’m here to tell you it’s all going to be okay.

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Do you feel like Facebook ads will be the death of your wallet, when they should be the reason your business is thriving?

If you’re nodding your head YES and shaking your fist as you go 0 for 3 with your Facebook Ads, I’m here to tell you it’s all going to be okay. Facebook Ads are the most powerful way to grow a business! They allow you to get seen by the people who need you most and you can do it inexpensively. But, if you don’t know what you’re doing, Facebook will dominate your wallet and your sanity.

I’m here to let you in on some of the best kept secrets about Facebook Ads because you deserve to run ads that allow your business to ROCK instead of make your eyes ROLL.


While you may get some engagement and the ad may even look like it’s performing well, boosting your ads is a lot like deciding you want to donate money to Facebook. Essentially, you’re asking Facebook to do the heavy lifting for you and it will make you pay! Maybe your CPC (Cost per click) is low, making you believe your ad is doing great, however, you’re hearing crickets and no money is coming in at all!

But that’s the entire point of running an ad right? To get sign ups or sales! Yet, more than likely, neither of those things is happening because Facebook isn’t actually converting your ad, its just putting in it front of people that may not be your ideal audience or placing it where people can’t see it.


When you run an ad, most of us automatically look at our cost per click or our cost per conversion. While these numbers are definitely important, there is another number that actually holds a lot of value and is rarely talked about. That number is your “Frequency”. Most people have no idea what that number even means, but i’m here to tell you why it matters. Frequency is how many times your ad is being shown to the same person. Why does this matter? Two reasons!

1- It can take up to 7 times for a cold ad to warm up a customer and convert them into a lead, sale or email member. That means if It’s being shown to the same people and your ad is performing well, meaning you’re getting a lot of sign ups and sales, then your ad is also warming up cold leads.

On the flip side, if your ad is performing terribly and it’s being shown 7 or 8 times to the same people, this is a great clue that your targeting is wrong. The reason is because if your ad is consistently being shown to the same people and not forcing them to act on it, then it’s probably not the right audience, or your ad copy/graphic isn’t doing it’s job.

2- If your ad is performing really well and only being shown once per person, this means that your targeting is spot on and so are your graphics/ad copy. It means you’re converting people within the first time they see it. Or if it’s performing really poorly and only being shown once, it may not be being shown enough to convert a cold lead, so you may need to niche down the targeting a bit more or create a larger audience.

Frequency is just a great little number that gives you insight into what might be wrong in your Facebook Ads!


Facebook loves to “automatically” do things for you and it also “recommends” a lot of things that beginners eat up because they aren’t sure what they’re doing, yet really, it’s just wasting their money. Placement of your ads is a BIG ONE and it’s also why boosting posts is so terrible. When you control the placement of your ad, you tell Facebook where it will be shown. This allows your budget to go further and eliminate some of the placement options that don’t even make sense.

One of the automatic placement options is “Articles”…

Do you know what a Facebook Article is, or if you’ve ever seen an ad there? Because I sure don’t have a clue what that is. So why would I let Facebook show my ad in a place where no one that I’m targeting is going to see it? Choose your placements on your own!


When it comes to the bidding feature, people allow Facebook to once again, do the heavy lifting. Make sure you are manually bidding on your ads and telling Facebook how much you’re willing to pay per conversion. The reason is because Facebook will make sure you’re paying much more than needed and say that it’s because they made your ad perform really well and beat the other bids. While that may be true, blowing your advertising budget out of the water for sales that may or may not have happened, even if your ad performs well, isn’t the way to go.



I have seen scaling absolutely ruin an ad more times than I can count. For both myself and my clients before they work with me! I hear “My ad was crushing it at $10/day and then I bumped it to $100 and it fell apart. How does that happen??” Just because an ad performs well at $10/per day doesn’t mean more is better. The best way to scale an ad is to increase it by $5 or $10 more per day and let it even out and perform well for another week. Then increase budget again in small increments. By scaling too quickly, your CPC’s will explode and you won’t be reaching the right people. Often, Facebook just does whatever it wants to eat up your budget, instead of strategically making that money spread.


Because you’ve jumped it so much and often without changing the audience or expanding, so it has no clue where to utilize this new budget, so it just blows it by showing your ad to the same people over and over. Most of which have already taken action and aren’t new. Go slowly and see if the ad still creates conversion success. Then scale more.

I hope you found these Facebook Ad Secrets helpful!

Much love & happy advertising!

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