I’m about to burst a serious bubble here. Sales funnels are really really really basic. In fact they are so basic I can easily demonstrate a sales funnel to you using some boxes. We make sales funnels hard. Click through for a free sales funnel training wit videos and worksheets from Badassery Magazine.

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All Roads Lead to Rome!

I’m about to burst a serious bubble here. Sales funnels are really really really basic. In fact they are so basic I can easily demonstrate a sales funnel to you using some boxes. We make sales funnels hard. Yes…I’m raising my hand because I’m totally and completely guilty. Just eat it.

A sales funnel is how you make sales. If you have ever made money online, it was through a sales funnel, you might have not realized it, but it’s the cold hard truth.

The hard part comes from really deciding what we want. It’s almost like asking a 5 year old what they want to be when they grow up. It’s likely they will change their minds. So for now, let’s focus on a sales funnel that you know you want to keep for awhile. Like a good while. Something that aligns with you and is true to your brand. This is where I insert that term PASSION that everyone throws around.

I like to break things down, so let’s make it easy.


Identify your revenue streams. How do you make money (or want to make money) online? List them all out. You can download this handy dandy worksheet to do that right here!

Now out of all those revenue streams, what is your MAIN focus. What is your cash cow or soon to be cash cow. What could you turn over and over again. If you are new to the online world and are like WTF or where the f*ck should I begin, you will mostly just have a track one sales funnel, to get you going. However, if you are a heavy hitter or have been at it a little longer you are most likely going to have a track two funnel.

Track One Funnel-

This is just a basic funnel. People enter the funnel in ONE place, they flow through and there is one ending. At first we have a ton of these. Then as time goes on, you find your groove and you realize that you are ready for that next step. You’ll know if you are ready. Once you have mastered the track one funnel, then it’s time to dive into track two. If this is your first time creating a sales funnel, stay in track one, don’t fall out. Or you will really be like OMG and WTF I’m going to take down a bottle of wine and hide

Track Two Funnel-

This starts out wide at the top and trickles down into one main ending. Basically, this is like all roads lead to Rome. Track two funnels typically end in a signature program and something high ticket. Just remember wherever or whatever your Rome is, you are creating an experience for your customers/clients and you want it to be high end.

Just to simplify again, we are breaking down sales funnels over the next FIVE days so here are your action steps for today.

If you are a Track One Badass-

List all your streams of income.

Decide what you want to sell. Does your audience need this? Have you sold this before? There are all sorts of things to ask yourself, but narrow it down to one epic thing. Like I mentioned above, passion!

If you are a Track Two Badass-

List all streams of income. Then identify what all roads will lead to. What is the final destination (insert lame Star Trek reference here) of your customers and clients?


Ok look, I couldn’t seem to type out EVERYTHING I wanted to say, so I made this short and informative video about how to map out a sales funnel. Click play below or here if you can’t see the embedded video. Tech happens, right?!


Ok so now that you understand the hotspot and you are filling in the holes, what’s next for your funnel? Me- slowly raises hand! It’s building the funnel and executing it! BOOM! Now that you’ve mapped it all out. Identified where people might bounce on out and you’ve discovered your hotspot (not a sex reference, I swear) it’s time to actually do the shit.


Ok now that you have a basic funnel mapped out based on your current business juncture….what’s next? Well, it’s keeping people in that hotspot. That narrow golden area where they stick around and want to move on. I’ll explain in the video below…but what I really want you to note where your funnels might be broken. Where is the open window or where is there a closed door that leads to zero places? Sometimes a video just says it best, so of course, I created another one. BOOM. Click here or push play below. 


Make sure you download the worksheets + get the bonus Q+A call recording (surprise, there’s more) before you go on! JUST CLICK THIS HOT PINK TEXT BADASS!

Here at Badassery land (yes, it’s a real place with a slide and wine slushies), we happen to use Click Funnels to execute our sales funnels. WHY? Well, of course, there’s a video for that. This video gives you an insight into how you can execute your “Rome” using this awesome program. It just makes shit really easy and takes all the complication out of it. Even if you are a Track One or Two Badass, it can work for you. NO, you do NOT have to use Click Funnels to execute sales funnels and be super f*cking successful, I just happen to be having a love affair with it. Don’t tell my husband. 

In a nutshell, you can create multiple steps in your sales pages, check out and deliver products. PLUS tons of other cool stuff. Just watch the video to see how easy it is to use and all the ways the Badassery Badasses use it. Click here to watch or push play below.

If you are ready to give Click Funnels a try, we have this spiffy affiliate link for a free 14 day trial.


AND if you decide to use it, I can even share all my funnel templates with you. How cool is that? You don’t even have to build all this stuff from scratch. Just email us at hey @ badasserymag.com and I’ll get you all hooked up. Now that’s badass.

If you have questions/comments/concerns just drop them in below OR head over to our Facebook Group We Are Badassery and we’ll literally blow your mind with support. 

Now go rock your funnels, badass. BUT wait….we never leave our badasses hanging. In my videos, I mention the Badassery Revolution, which is basically the salt of the online earth. Check it out here and don’t forget it’s FREE for the first 30 days. You hate it, you leave. BOOM. See you there.


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