A story of how online networking & connections can turn into collaborative projects with soul!

It all started in a vision I had when I was walking around the streets of Vancouver. I saw all of these entrepreneurs and I thought “there should be a directory, an awesome one”. This was way before Facebook, before Twitter, before Myspace.

There was just one problem, I didn’t know how to write code, I didn’t even have a computer. So I let it go, but it stayed with me.

Over 15 years later, the idea came back around, so I went to school and learned the skills I needed.

First, I started with a local travel directory and adventure site. Such a great place to start, since I love adventuring. Everytime I would work on the adventure site, Tide Town, I would hear a big voice in my head telling me to create the directory for the feminine rising.

That Vision on the streets of Vancouver, it had returned to me with magic and deep desire.

The Vision Went Like This: 

Standing ankle deep in a lake of liquid crystal, the water was talking to me. She told me that I can have anything I desire. I dove in and floated to the top , and as I relaxed  into this thought, this state of mind where dreams manifest; I realized… THIS was the lake of Unlimited Possibilities.

The water told me there is a cenote, so I looked down to find the opening and swam down through the cavern into a wonderful underground cave filled with crystals.

It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!  Sparkling brilliance of amethyst, quartz, and emeralds, and in the middle on a stone podium was an enormous ruby. The ruby liquified, ran down the podium and into the water. It gave me it’s devine medicine and I pulled it into my soul.

I shape-shifted into a mermaid and swam out of the cave, to the lake of Unlimited Possibilities.

The lake told me “it’s time for me to make the directory for the feminine rising”.

Emergence 2018 – enter Erin Strayer

In mid December 2017, Erin Strayer messaged me and said she had a vision and wanted to do a free training where we brought all our amazing skills together. There were 3 others included in this project; Sian Elizabeth, Kelly Espino and Jen Carder. When we connected to talk about the concept and direction of the project I saw that we are all like crystals with an intense amount of light coming through us.

Erin and I talked privately and she explained that she had a vision many years ago, all mapped out on a diner place-mat.  A vision that had grown and developed inside her for years and had told only 1 other soul. A vision of resources and connections, of education and networking.  Of the power of the collective being better together. Not having the right connections to draw from, she waited for the right person to help her put her dream into action. She had shelved her idea for years, even tho it yearned to come to life and the desire burned inside her to create this resource for the new direction of business.  

The Illustrious Ones was Born

After Jen brought the ruby soul medicine into herself, she worked on the concept of the directory with Erin.  Gracefully accepting each others visions and working through them together, so similar and parallel. Jen saw the light shining through the ruby, the light was what her guides told her to focus on. Light that moves through a gem has qualities of transparency or lustre. Then it came to us….Illustrious…The Illustrious Ones.

Getting it Right

It took months of deep meditation to get the concept right. There were many calls where we explored the concept and what we really wanted to create. Over these calls we discovered the level of quality that we wanted to deliver to the public.  We discovered the disconnect and the holes in most online businesses; being found. With Jen’s expert design background, knowledge of the inner workings and flow of tech, and her extensive development of other directories combined with Erin’s implementation of systems, project management and training background it’s was a perfect balance and collaboration of skill sets that has resulted in the development phase 1 of The Illustrious Ones.

In the first round launch, The Illustrious Ones is defining business on an elevated level.  Targeting smart, savvy, female entrepreneurs who want more from their business. Those who aren’t scared to ask for help, invest in themselves or do the work necessary to achieve the next level of business.  It’s targeting super motivated, action takers and adventure seekers. It’s targeting those looking for community, networking with that next level thought leader and a space for high achievers to collaborate. It’s challenging you to traverse unchartered territory and to become part of the elite group of go-to resources and to be a catalyst for growth.  And it’s inviting you to be found.

Jen and Erin developed this from a vision and a need.  A need for a platform for you as a coach, mentor, teacher, service provider, healer to be found.  It is our desire to house a highly integris directory and become the go-to for people in business to find and access their next level experience.  We are dedicated to the betterment of female entrepreneurs and the knowledge of the collective.

We are Better Together.

About the Author

Jen Weatherly

Jen Weatherly

Jen Weatherly is a Soul Whisper and Cosmic Weaver, taking her incredible visions and weaving them into reality. Using her background as a web designer, she’s decided to focus her talents into producing meaningful tools for those with the entrepreneurial spirit. Erin Strayer combines 30 years of cross platform experience, supporting females to optimize and leverage their business. Together they have combined their efforts to create a support network for the new realm of business.

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