Have you ever wondered how "Samathy" and Badassery was born? Keep reading to discover why #IRL events and networking are so important!

Have you ever wondered how “Samathy” was born? Kathy and I weren’t always the badass and dynamic duo you see today. However, we have always been online besties since we first started our own and very separate online businesses. That was way back before we were able to generate thousands $$$ and help others do the same in their very own online businesses.

Kathy and I first met at ALT Conference. It’s pretty badass and we totally recommend checking it out. Our eyes locked, and we knew it would be love at first sight. I complimented her blouse and she really liked my…eyes. Okay, of course that’s not how it happened, but we did meet at the ALT Conference. I was client-less but my friend had come up with a great idea for my business and a rad logo. That’s how my social media management business was created, Kathy was my first client at $150 a month. True story.

Eventually Kathy quit her full-time job to work as an idea implementation strategist and well, I really needed help with all the shit in my head, so then we began swapping services. Yup, a good old fashion wife swap. During this time, we developed an amazing online biz bestie relationship. We even created and hosted our first webinar together that led to basically a flop of sales on a paid course. Live and learn…look at us now.

Eventually I had this really badass idea (see what I did there) to start a magazine. It came to me while I was getting ready one morning and furiously created a memo with all the ideas rushing into my head. Sent that said memo to Kathy with something like, “do you think this is a good idea”, AND she said let’s do it. 45 days later, the first issue of Badassery was birthed. Now we just released issue number 22. How freaking cool is that?

Of course, there have been a lot of ups, downs and in between. If we are being real, there hasn’t been a whole lot of downs. Luckily, I scored big when Kathy said she wanted in on the whole crazy ass magazine idea. She’s like some sort of secret ninja and I know when times get hard, I have a badass on my side. That’s one hell of a not-so-secret weapon.


My point of all this story-telling?

If I would have never said yes to attending that very first in-person conference, I’d basically be one lonely bitch. Kathy has always been my go-to online friend. After meeting at ALT in Salt Lake City, we’ve traveled to Los Angeles (twice), Florida, New Orleans and next we are headed for New York City and Las Vegas.

After attending and sponsoring a conference in New Orleans, we had a flood of sponsorship and new contributors. And the same goes for basically every city we’ve been in. Our business just grows and it’s crazy! Those #IRL (in real life) events have been the entire backbone of what we’ve built. I’ve also attended retreats and local networking events. If you are not getting out into your community and even traveling to meet other online badasses, you are literally letting a huge chunk of your business pass you by. Goodbye epic business…..

That’s why we want to invite you to our BIGGEST and most BADASS event we have ever hosted. Can we say #IRLGOALS?


We are almost sold out….but guess what?

We just added new ticket options!!!

Imagine this…

Networking with incredible business building women!

Sipping cocktails by a resort style pool in a fabulous Vegas home!

Massively increasing your perspective on taking your business to the next level.

Walking away a changed woman, all while having one incredible experience that cannot be matched.

We just added brand new ticket options and some incredible new prices!

Including virtual tickets!

A virtual ticket is a great way to attend the Badassery workshops, network in our private Facebook group and attend all of our zoom calls before hand. OH and you are going to get a Badassery gift box mailed to you. Hello amazing swaggy bling. Plus virtual tickets are only $250.

The workshops at this year’s bash are home run. Learn more, grab your spot and throw some Las Vegas glitter in the air here!

In person events will change your life and I’m living proof. Invest in you badass and let’s grow together.

About the Author

I’m SAMANTHA PARKER, the cofounder of Badassery Magazine.

Now I’m teaching others how to build their own online empires. Yes, empires. I believe that building and nurturing a sense community with your business is the key to massive success.