Meet Jenny, owner and chief design scientist at Puree Fantastico, and award-winning design and branding firm, where she mixed creativity, science, and language into world-class branding for businesses

Meet Jenny Ambrose

Jenny is an award-winning designer running an award-winning design science & strategy studio, Purée Fantastico.

Having worked with large Fortune 500 brands like Old Navy, HSN, POPSUGAR, ELLE, American Greetings, Alaskan Airlines, 3M, Walgreens, Reuters, and more across the last 12 years, Jenny understands the vast needs across the widest number of moving parts. Part scientist, part artist, all powerhouse, Jenny knows how to sync with her client’s deepest voice and concerns and communicate the solutions as if they’d always been present (because they are!).

Whether it’s creative & art direction, illustration, copywriting, strategic problem solving or thorough research and analysis, it can be trusted that Jenny can handle it with grace, tireless expertise, and unstoppable enthusiasm.

What is Purée Fantastico?

Jenny’s mission is best described in her own words:

“Purée Fantastico” came to me as I was sitting in JFK, seeing my own work in Print Magazine, thinking about how to describe all that I can do. Twelve years later, it’s become part creative laboratory/creative powerhouse, incubator, facilitation hub, and possibility maker.

I believe in infinite possibilities. I believe in making things happen, and I really believe in never giving up.


I am relentlessly passionate for the deeper aspects of design, as it is far more than Pantone swatches and font pairings. I am driven by understanding the perpetual message making we contribute to and participate in. It’s within knowing how to cultivate, and be aware of, these messages that larger shifts can take place; within design as an industry or practice, you as a business owner, your businesses messages or the markets you’re aiming to meet, and culture itself.


Design is a language: a communication tool that aids in empathy and broader understandings. I speak it fluently, and this is the song I sing across every channel I come across.


what is the muchness?

What else could you call the multitude of offerings Jenny has to bestow on her audience? The Muchness, as she calls it, grows every day and includes things like Creative & Art Direction, Strategic Projects, Design Projects, Illustrations, Copywriting, Consulting, and Mentoring.

Jenny is not kidding when she talks about approaching design from a scientific angle. She’s analyzed each piece of the process to understand how it all works together. The following diagram is a little insight into how the Muchness all works.

Award-Winning Design

Jenny is no stranger to prestige in her design accomplishments. Her many accolades include:

  • 2018 Communication Arts Illustration Annual – Shortlist
  • Best Small Graphic Design Business in Los Angeles 2014-2017
  • Small Business Excellence Award, 2016, 2017
  • Featured in Print Regional Design
  • Annual Semifinalist in the Adobe Achievement Awards
  • Silver Addy’s 2007
  • Gold Addy, 2006

Schedule a free consultation

In order to truly understand how Jenny’s scientific, yet fun-as-hell, approach to design is going to meet your needs, you simply must speak to her. The first consultation is always free and you might just have fun in the process.

Connect with Jenny on her website at

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