An exclusive adventure for high vibe ladies who are ready for connections, inspiration and one hell of a good time, created exclusively for you by Badassery Magazine.


October 20th | St. George, Utah | 1-9 pm

This is where women (and amazing men) are transformed into collaborative beings through inspiration, fun and one kick ass day. You will leave inspired, empowered and with the tools to take huge amounts of action in your life!

This is where massive change happens.

Are you craving connection and unity with a group of soul sisters who are working their asses off just like you? Do you find yourself feeling isolated an alone in the world in business or just as a woman trying to start something new? Are you freaking sick of feeling like you are the only who “is going through the hard stuff”? Does your real life feel a little disgusting inside and are you tired of trying to fit into an Instagram and Pinterest world? Are you ready to thrive in this badass world and truly say, “YES, I LOVE MY SELF”!




7-9 pm- Friday Night GLOW PARTY For Badass Business Builder ticket holders and VIP Ticket holders only! AT THE WHITE SPACE STUDIO.

Join us for an exclusive glow private party. Snacks, dancing and total get your glow on!


8-10 am- VIP Breakfast Mastermind for VIP ticket holders

11:30 am-12:30 pm- Early Admission and Meet and Greet Begins for BBB and VIP Ticket Holders

12:30 pm -1pm- General Admission

1 pm- Kick off and welcome with Kolby Kay

1:15 pm- Opening Keynote Badassery Magazine Co-Founders

1:45 pm- Why You Need a SheWolf Pack with Jordan Lacenski

2:15 pm- Why Self Love is F*cking Stupid with Hollie Hope

2:50 pm- Break and meet the vendors, mark your place on our interactive wall or get your paint on. Lay back and relax by visiting the massage booth and more.

3:15 pm- Find the you that you Love with Jordan Hemsley

3:45 pm- Gratitude is a Superpower with Cheri Yazzie

4:20 pm- Meet the local Badass Bosses of Southern Utah panel discussion

5:05 pm- Break and take in the stunning cliff side views while exploring booths and meeting new friends.

5:30 pm- LIVE! Hair Love Radio Show with Elizabeth Faye and guests

6:30-9 pm Grab a snack from the Virigin Berri food truck!

6:30-7:30 pm- Final Keynote: Elizabeth Faye

7:30-9 pm- Fun Networking Event

Keynote speakers, authors and mentors, Samantha Parker and Kathy Rasmussen are the co-founders of Badassery Magazine and co-hosts of the Badassery podcast. This dynamic duo is determined to empower the world, one women at a time. Badassery Magazine is more than just a magazine and together they support a global community of female entrepreneurs who live bold, passion filled lives. They have been featured on NowThis, Bold TV and numerous interviews and podcasts. Additionally, they have featured badass entrepreneurs on their podcast, such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Rebecca Campbell, Denise Duffield-Thomas and more.
Driven, hardworking, spunky and professional entrepreneur, mother, hairstylist and girl boss extraordinaire, Elizabeth Faye started her romance with the beauty industry at the ripe age of twelve. Born and raised in downtown Las Vegas and quite the troubled teen, she decided to make statement by cutting and coloring her own hair. Disappointed, her parents and private school dean suspended her from school. This attempt landed her a lucky seat at a celebrity salon at the Mandalay Bay for the classic “color correction”.
This experience lead her her first mentor and hairstylist, who helped the young girl out by doing her hair complimentary for years if she would only bring back her report card with better grades on it. Slowly “C’s turned into “B’s” and “B’s” turned into “A’s”. She was mentored by this stylist and the entire Salon team in Las Vegas/Chicago. She swept floors, served guests, shampooed hair,  all which ultimately landed her a full-blown job position and the many amazing job opportunities that came after.
From high school drop out to hair colorist star & entrepreneur she now believes and attributes her success to a lot of things but she speaks to the masses about how… “One act of kindness behind the chair changed my life, we all have so much greatness within us, sometimes we just need someone to awaken it. I hope to help awaken greatness in others.” -Elizabeth Faye Elizabeth Faye has proven that hard work pays off and greatness is for those who choose it. She is now a salon owner of a Namesake salon, a Redken Color Ambassador, Coaches hairstylist and entrepreneurs and is the founder of Hair Love Retreat & Events. Hair Love is a company by and for hairstylist that offers unique education, experiences and media geared for stylist.
Hair Love works with the brightest minds in beauty, business and wellness and wants to help hairstylist live whole lifes. As a leader her mission is to instill in those around her a strong self belief and knowledge of how truly powerful they are and to use that power to be a do-gooder and make a difference in their community and behind the chair.

Jordan Lacenski is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of BrandBoss Creative. BrandBoss Creative is a boutique creative agency offering personalized branding, consulting, and innovative solutions. In addition to BrandBoss Creative, Jordan is also the Co-Founder and Owner of SheWolf Collaborative. SheWolf is a true collaborative bringing the best of the industry together for special projects. Each is successful on her own, but has agreed to join forces for special projects with truly creative people. Entry into the pack is limited; this pack only hunts with the best. When not glued to her mobile device, you might find Jordan on the water, enjoying a hand-stirred Old Fashioned, walking one of her rescue pups, or shopping her heart out. You can hunt her down here: @shewolfco @brandbosscreative and @jordan.alexandria

Hollie Hope Is intuitive healer, speaker, author and professional makeup artist. Using spiritual skills she teaches women how to see their emotional crap, clear it and life a life filled with self acceptance and unconditional love. She has volunteered in many women’s organizations teaching women how to discover their own sense of worth and spiritually connect to something greater than themselves. Though she brings knowledge of the outer beauty world through her makeup artistry, education of subliminal messages in makeup and role as Mrs. Salt Lake Valley, her passion is in aiding others to see their inner beauty and giving themselves permission to see the epic, messy, beautiful beings they are. Though she has experience challenges in life filled with the darkest pains, she has learned the art of discovering the light in ever dim moment and thriving from it.

Jordan is the founder and creator of the Break Out Summit – a day long event to help you break out of your box and develop confidence and determination in your life. She is an expert in loving and finding your true self and potential, and guiding you to find and truly begin to love who you are, and what you’re meant to do. Jordan’s mission is to help women (and men) all over connect to their inner selves and find their life’s purpose so they can finally start living their vision for who they are meant to be. Outside planning her badass events and coaching rockstars Jordan is a wife and stay at home mom to two littles. She enjoys dancing and fitness, pina coladas and game nights.

Gratitude is my superpower. I am a creator of chain reactions of transformation, speaker, coach, million dollar amazon seller, wife, mother and badass. I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years and a happy ignited entrepreneur for the last 2! I love laughing loud, loving full out, standing for people’s greatness and enjoying the hell out of my life! I am not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am an amazing shot of whiskey!

KOLBY KOLIBAS is not just a Keynote Speaker and/or High Performance
Business Coach, he is a Corporate Executive, Best Selling Author, Film
Producer, Video Course Creator, Relationship Selling Guru, Master of Social
Media Marketing, and Devoted Father who is passionate about life, laughter,
continuous learning, martial arts, reading, art, tattoos, football, surfing, travel
and spending time with his amazing four incredible children.

For the first fifteen years of his professional career, Kolby spent his time as a
C-Suite Executive in Corporate America orchestrating the sales & marketing
operations for companies such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Dell and
many others. In the last ten years Kolby has focused his passion, vision, talents
and extraordinary expertise on helping entrepreneurs generate millions of
dollars in revenue by partnering until their ‘Start Ups” are ‘killing it’ in the

Kolby has worked with over 2,000 business owners and thought leaders, has
appeared on over 125 podcasts, radio & television broadcasts (with a global
impact on social media that has reached over 20 million impressions in 36
months), he has created over 14,250 pieces of original content for social
media, and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine with a personal
coaching client list that includes the first Shark on the hit television show
‘Shark Tank,’ a primary contributing author to the Chicken Soup For the Soul
series, professional athletes, military leaders and gifted educators.


Melissa Spaulding is a licensed clinical mental health counselor and creator and owner of Guided Wellness, PLLC in St. George UT. She specializes in treating depression, anxiety and trauma with the goal of helping people move into purposeful and adventurous lives. Refusing to setting for less, Melissa’s mission is to help women seize their power, flow into their personal meaning and launch into greater wellness. Whether you’re a buisness owner or a full time stay at home rockstar your worth is not negotiable.

Glady is a brand & business photographer in Southern Utah. She’s obsessed with coffee, house plants, and all things entrepreneurial. Glady is passionate about connection. She’ll meet up with you virtually or in person for coffee for any reason. She believes in the power of coworking and collaboration and creates opportunity for it as often as possible. The passion behind Heart take the Wheel is all about sharing your brand story.

Sharon is the Owner of She Sparks Business and helps businesses increase their following. She is a master of building business relationships and will teach you all the tips you need to increase your networking activity. Sharon is a sophisticated Marketing Strategist and Public Speaker.

Beyond marketing, Sharon shares a passion for training and leaving a positive legacy. Sharon’s speaking and training experiences have provided her with unique skills to teach, motivate, and connect with her audience. With her experiences, Sharon knowledge’s the impact and tremendous value that Women Programs provide for many businesswomen throughout the community and deserves to continue offering this positive impact. The drive and inspiration businesswomen have has led Sharon to the decision of creating and fostering SHE Sparks Business so that women in business can connect and network in a professional setting.

Sharon extremely enjoys being connected to the community. She is a Director for BNI Utah South, a certified trainer for the School Of Life Foundation, a member and supporter of Corporate Alliance, Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Influence Center, and other community groups.

Burning Desire: “To always smile and bring positivity in life”

Key to success: “Be the leader you want to follow”

Alisa Burnham de Avila is a Certified Hypnotherapist, the founder of Southern Utah Hypnotherapy, and a practicing Psychic Medium and Healer.
Spending the first half of her life doing what she believed she should do; surviving a painful 20 year marriage and working around the clock as the CEO of a successful commercial painting contracting company in Southern California, while also creating a handful of other businesses as an entrepreneur, she finally discovered that she was allowed to be happy and do the things she wanted to do.
She learned to speak up, find her passion, and stop making excuses for the light she was created to shine. Alisa discovered her love for building bridges and creating community. She stays involved sharing her heart by teaching the art of storytelling as an actor and director for community musical theater, indie films and indie film festivals. Embracing experiences and enhancing fun is her jam.
Alisa especially loves encouraging other women to give themselves permission to join her.

Margaret Schlachter simply is a doer. She is a Personal Alignment Coach, Podcaster, Author, and Award Winning Journalist.

Margaret Schlachter has paved the way for women in the sport of obstacle course racing and media. She continues to be a pioneer both with her podcast and obstacle racing journalism. She has written thousands of articles about the obstacle course racing industry and is the most prominent female voice in the industry.

Her expertise as former professional athlete, industry expert, coach, and leading female obstacle racing voice has been sought after from major brands such as Outside, Self, Shape, Trail Runner Magazine, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, NBC, The Associated Press, Gear Junkie, Comcast, Red Bull,,,, Gaspari Nutrition, Huffington Post,, Inov-8 and other international media.

Her career first launched from her personal website Dirt in Your Skirt in 2011. Little did Margaret know starting that website would change her life. The site won best sports weblog in 2012 at the Bloggie Awards.

She was the first female to become a professional obstacle course racer, the first female editor in chief for an industry website, the first to host an online series, and continues to pave the way for countless women.

Her latest endeavor is about giving back. Margaret has over 15 years of coaching experience in sports at the collegiate and national level. She has honed her coaching to offer Personal Alignment Coaching to help clients weave their inner passions in work, life, and sometimes sport into the external world to create an aligned and passionate life. A life stoked to live each day!


We believe that you were made for MORE AWESOME! Your host Elizabeth Faye will be sharing her stories, successes and tons of free content to start living the life you were meant for.

We know to truly become the happiest and most successful version of yourself it takes a lot more than being good at balayage. By interviewing the BRIGHTEST and most INNOVATIVE minds in the beauty, business, health and wellness industries, we have created a community that is a safe space for creatives to thrive, learn and get real.

So if you are ready to FEEL INSPIRED, DO THE WORK AND START MOVING MOUNTAINS- then it’s time to nama-slay!!

A Business Builder ticket gives you lots of extra perks. Like access to our Friday night mixer, special seating, a copy of our book and early admission for a meet and greet!

Feeling like a true VIP and want the full experience? Upgrade to get access to VIP only mastermind brunch, VIP seating, access to the green room and a speacial swag pack! PLUs everything the business builder ticket includes.


Join us at the brand new and ultra modern Dixie Tech College on Tech Ridge in stunning St. George, Utah. Enjoy breath taking views as you dance in the DJ lounge or relax on the patio and snack on local bites by Virgin Berri! This state of the art venue is stunning!

Are you tired of feeling isolated? Are you losing the sense of fun around your business? Are you feeling stuck and longing to take your business to a level you never thought possible? Are you tired of going to the same boring events and not having fun? Leaving inspired but without any true action in your life….. Are you so damn ready to connect with women in UTAH who are really f*cking epic and just get it?


Interested in becoming an event sponsor? Click here for more information.


Join us for an epic day of speakers, dancing and learning about women built business right here in Utah!

Plus incredible vendors, food trucks, epic jams because we are closing off the day with an epic DANCE PARTY!

Not to mention all the glitter fun that is filling everything in-between.


  • Empowering Keynote Speakers
  • Local Incredible Food Trucks
  • End of Day Epic Dance Party
  • All Day Music
  • Meet and Greet with Incredible Vendors
  • Epic Swag Bags from Badassery Mag and Sponsors
  • Meet and Connect With New & Empowering Friends. 
  • VIP Options
  • Business Builder Options
  • Ridiculously Fun Activities 
  • Connections
  • Business Highlights from Local Women in Business
  • Life Changing Ephiphanies 
  • AND MORE…..

In fact, we’ve built an entire brand around bringing strong women together.

In early 2016 we realized there was a huge gaping hole in the way women worked together. The playing field wasn’t close to even and there was no way for us to all support each other. In fact, it frustrated us so much we set out to build something better and Badassery Magazine was born. We remember how it felt trying to figure it out all on our own. We remember how lonely the journey felt. We craved the connection of other strong women. Hosting #IRL events seemed the perfect way to start. We held our first event right here in Southern Utah. We were amazed at how many women and incredible kick ass men came out to support us. Connection is our passion. We’ve grown our community to over 15,000 strong. We’ve cultivated a Facebook group and even wrote a book on community building. It fuels us, and now we are ready to deliver more!


Enough is enough. It’s time for powerhouse women to come together. We just knew this unique and next level one day event just had to happen.

The strong woman who is ready to put all the bullshit aside and tap into really loving her damn self already! The woman who understands that friendships are the catalyst to living her life with true success and total freedom. You’ve tried all the other things. It’s time to stop looking. It’s time to start fulling living in the fast lane.


This one of a kind event is for every women. For the women who is ready to see the world with new inspiration, clarity and most of all lasting friendships. This event is for women who own businesses and for women who do not! This event is for women who are ready to get out and see what is happening right here in UTAH with a global brand that was crafted right here in the sunshine. THIS IS FOR YOU! If she’s doing it, so can you!

What can I expect to get out of this EVENT?

Fun. Lots and lots of fun! Plan on leaving full of inspiration and TAKE ACTION. Don’t forget all the incredible new friends you will have made right here doing exactly what you are doing. You will leave empowered and never have to do it all alone again. 

How long is it and what are the exact dates?

General admission is from 1pm-9pm on October 20th. Attend a pre-party on October 19th with an upgraded ticket option. Just do it!


In sunny St. George, Utah. Um…hell yes we are throwing this is UTAH!

will there be food?

While not included in your ticket, there will be food available for purchase. Healthy vegan options are available because we are awesome like that!

Can i refund my ticket?

Tickets are non-refundable, but you are welcome to transfer them to another guest for a $29 fee. We understand that Oprah might need you at the last minute. Life happens.

SHould I wear my party pants?

Please wear anything you feel comfortable in. We will be moving around a lot and dancing until the end. You do you boo.

What if i don’t own a business?

It does NOT matter. This is all about embracing YOU and loving your damn self. Plus, imagine how inspired you will feel when you find out what other women are doing right here in Utah and the surrounding areas. Pretty damn inspired.

How many spots are there for VIP?

VIP is limited to ten amazing women. The breakfast mastermind is designed to give you a complete level up and fuel your soul. This intimate gathering will completely blow your universe wide open and totally have you saying- YES! I LOVE MY DAMN SELF!

I have additional questions or I need help in planning my travel, can you help me?

Of course. Just email us at


100 million percent yes! And you will love it!

This experience begins in








SOOOO….ARE YOU READY TO SAY YES TO the most epic event you have ever witnessed?

How do I get to St. George, Utah?

Glad you asked! 

If you are flying, we recommend flying directly into St. George. We have a great airport with several direct connecting flights. However, you can always fly into Las Vegas (closest major city) and take the shuttle into beautiful Southern Utah. If you need a hotel, there are plenty of amazing accommodations here. We will have a room block available here! It’s incredibly easy and Southern Utah is stunning. Turn it into a long three day weekend and explore Zion’s National Park or hang out in Las Vegas!



A Business Builder ticket gives you lots of extra perks. Like access to our Friday night mixer, special seating, a copy of our book and early admission for a meet and greet!

Feeling like a true VIP and want the full experience? Upgrade to get access to VIP only mastermind brunch, VIP seating, access to the green room and a speacial swag pack! PLUs everything the business builder ticket includes.

Questions? Please email us at