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When co-founders Samantha Parker and Kathy Rasmussen set out to create Badassery Magazine, they didn't simply want to publish a magazine — they wanted to build an ultra-engaged community of female entrepreneurs who live bold, passion-filled lives by embracing their true badassery.

Over 17,000 badasses strong, #WeAreBadassery has grown into the highly interactive community empowering and inspiring female entrepreneurs all over the globe.

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Badassery Magazine

Badassery Magazine is more than a business publication, it is a resource for female business owners to navigate and embody the Badassery Lifestyle. Released on the first day of each month, the magazine features articles written by our community of contributors on a range of topics including:

Entrepreneurship, Branding, Marketing, Mindset, Self Care, Health + Beauty, Home, Family, Travel, Food + Drink Recipes, Entertainment, Music, and much more.

The magazine is available digitally at no cost and print issues are available for purchase via Joomag.

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Badassery Podcast

Co-hosted by Samantha Parker and Kathy Rasmussen, the Badassery Podcast features interviews with badass entrepreneurs, best-selling authors and industry influencers sharing their journey of running a business and living life with badass style. New episodes air every Tuesday and Thursday and is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify and badasserypodcast.com.

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Meet the Co-founders

Samantha Parker

Samantha Parker is the co-founder of Badassery Magazine and the co-host of the Badassery Podcast. She’s ridiculously passionate about living a life of true Badassery, by definition, rendering all onlookers as awestruck. Badassery Magazine is more than just a magazine and Samantha supports a global community of female entrepreneurs who live bold, passion filled lives. She has been featured on NowThis, The Daily Vee, Bold TV and numerous interviews and podcasts. Samantha believes that we all rise together and puts community over competition. You can find her winning at wine (it’s a sport) and blazing the trail for other female entrepreneurs.

Samantha Parker: verb. Cool AF female entrepreneur changing the world by building a visible community and magazine. (syn). glitterbitch, risk taker, hikes in sparkly boots, CEO of kicking ass.

Kathy Rasmussen

Kathy Rasmussen is the co-founder of Badassery Magazine and the co-host of the Badassery Podcast. She can truly see the gift in others when they can’t. Kathy is an idea cultivating machine and can strategically birth your idea to life. When she’s not busy connecting other entrepreneurs with fabulous experiences, you can find her being featured on NowThis, Bold TV, numerous interviews and podcasts. Kathy is passionate about owning who you are and stepping into the spotlight just as you are.

Kathy Rasmussen: adj. Creative ninja, wine warrior and community building artiste.  “You’ve been rasmussened” I.e. exploded your business badassery. Not to be confused with the rasmussen popularit y poll.  Syn. Kickass painter, sparkle sassmaker, CEO of awesome shit.

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