Learn how to set your intentions with the energy & power of the moon behind you.


Kate Darnell is the creative mind and founder behind Gumboots by the Sea – this was originally her Instagram name and then became her business name). The platform was inspired by a need to support others via intention setting, meditations and energy from the moon, which is magical. Kate was a teacher prior to stepping into her zone of genius and followed her passions. Becoming a Mom is what empowered Kate to follow her new path, so that she could show her children that they can do anything they choose to set their mind to!

Kate uses the power of the moon to build upon life, and it’s even more awesome that this coincided with the full moon right now; as this is one of the most powerful times of the month. With a belief in keeping things simple, Kate wants each of us to just allow the energy to flow over us and through us, so that the magic can become a part of us.  Although she uses all phases of the moon, Kate uses two specific times: the new moon (where you set new intentions) and the full moon (to see where light can be shone on something that needs particular focus).


How does the full moon impact on your mood? From a moonology perspective, our energy is impacted by the moon. It can either leave us drained or with a need to respond to situations in a different way. Kate believes that this is the time of the month that where you can look at and celebrate how far you have come in just the two weeks since the new moon: so that you can get outside and meditate, dance and sing… basically, just enjoy yourself and celebrate life to fullest!


What resources can you use to connect to the moon? Kate uses a moon oracle card deck to help her with her moon magic. Using the cards and using the energy around her, Kate connects to the moon and uses this time to set powerful intentions. This is now something that she offers as a group: to bring more joy, abundance and flow into our lives; with time to come together and connect during the new and full moons.

Kate truly believes that we empower each other when we come together, just by being who we are; and acknowledging who we are and having the confidence in our differences and passions. If each of us live our life and business based on happiness and joy, then we are winning, especially when we are on the path that brings us closer to our own version of badassery!


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About Our Guest

Kate is a published author, meditation teacher, spiritual guide and moon goddess! She describes her first book, Letters to a Tibetan Monk, as thoughts shared with a fragment of her soul. Kate is wholly dedicated to supporting women to live in true alignment with their heart and soul’s deepest desires. Kate’s business, Gumboots by the Sea; is a place of love and healing and the vehicle by which Kate helps women connect to their own self-power through spiritually guided healing, empowerment, online meditation classes, and online group and individual moon mentoring.  Kate’s passion is to infuse positivity, abundance, flow, magic, love and joy in as many women’s lives as possible.

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