Build a healthy business mindset as an entrepreneur by strengthening the relationship with your business, setting boundaries, clarifying your mission and vision so you can fall in love with your business.

If your business was a person, how would you describe your relationship? Is he or she a relentless taskmaster who forces you to skip your lunch break and sit in a dark corner of a dusty room? Or, is he or she the supportive bestie who tells you to go take yourself out on a date while they hold down the fort?

After spending 18 years as a licensed therapist, Nicole Lewis-Keeber found herself in a toxic and abusive relationship — with her business.

Like every entrepreneur, she started with the best of intentions to blaze her own path and achieve her own goals instead of working under someone else’s thumb. But, as her business progressed, she realized she was less than happy.

While reading one of her favorite books, Nicole had a game-changing epiphany. Her business relationship was on rocky ground and if she didn’t do something, it was going to fall apart.

On this episode of Wine & Webinars, Nicole explains how to evaluate your relationship with your business, understand what you want from your business, and four easy steps to help you get back into loving relationship flow.

Watch now and get ready to achieve #relationshipgoals status with your business.

Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Life Coach and Therapist

Even prior to my career as a Psychotherapist. I have always been the person that others would approach and want to tell me their story; they sought me out for support and would ask me for some advice. I always wondered why but never missed an opportunity to provide support.

My own challenges in my childhood provided a rich desire to understand the nature of people and figure out what motivates them. It was not difficult for me to embrace an educational track that focused on human behavior, family dynamics, mental and behavioral health sciences. I have worked in the behavioral health field since 1997 and hold a Masters Degree in Social Work with a Clinical License and have experience as a Psychotherapist.

My desire to always improve myself and my life has led me to be a seeker of truth. Learning to accept my true self has led me to this path of helping others do the same.

Coaching is a natural progression for me and a branch in my own pathway that I am passionate about. I am loving the processes I have learned to help break through blocks to success. I get giddy helping others identify their own blocks and limiting beliefs, and I am energized by helping them release them and embrace their potential.

I have found the satisfaction of being exactly where I am supposed to be in my life, personally and professionally and I would be honored to help you find that too!

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