10 self-care tools to change your energy & alignment and support your self-esteem to grow

We hear the term self-love all the time and I am a great believer in it.

To learn to love yourself is the greatest empowerment there is but it is such a blanket term that it can be confusing about exactly what we need to do to self-love. That’s why I talk mostly about self-care as it is the act of self-love. When we self-love, we nourish ourselves on an emotional, spiritual and physical level and its commitment we all need to make to ourself.


Self-care is free, it’s immediate and it’s available to you!
So, WTF constitutes as self-care?  When you are…
  • Putting others needs before your own;
  • saying ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’,
  • accepting invitations to things you ‘should’ go to rather than you ‘want’ to go to,
  • burning candles at both ends
  • consuming toxic food and drink
  • taking on more than you can manage because you won’t delegate;


…the list is endless… and, it’s time to take stock and action.


The only person who can help here is you… so start by taking a bath – chuck in your favorite bubble bath and a handful of Epsom salts – begin by taking some peace and quiet to rest your mind.

Cancel plans because you need to rest, eating clean nourishing food, do exercise you love, tune in to yourself through meditating, walking in nature or doing yoga – all of this helps to ground, re-balance and reset your system.


When we neglect ourselves the first thing that goes is self-care. Think about what you need to do to find balance and start taking care of yourself. So, start today, taking care of YOUR needs before others.

Why? Because you matter.


Self care tools:

  1. Nourish your body:  Ditch the toxic food and eat real, wholesome food. The more plant based food you can eat the better, your body thrives on this. Drink lots of water and ditch the calorie cutting juicing and feed your body nourishing foods by picking healthy, colorful fruit, veg and protein dishes. The more color on your plate the better – no one was ever inspired by beige food!
  2. Move your body:  Sounds simple but pick an exercise you love – stop punishing yourself with a grueling exercise routine that you hate it just means there is more excuse to not do it. Pick something you love and your body will light up. Ice skating, Dancing, Swimming… it doesn’t all have to be in a gym!
  3. Get out in the Sunshine:  summer is time to enjoy the outside air – we are too much becoming stuck in doors – grab that picnic basket, your family and get outside.
  4. Color you happy:  wear colorful clothing, in touchable fabrics – embrace you as are you in the mirror today – love every bit of you and wear clothes that are comfortable, and make you feel like the beautiful goddess you are.
  5. Be mindful of over packing your diary. Slow down, be kind to yourself and say no to a commitment if it’s better for your well-being to stay at home and relax.
  6. Remind yourself with affirmations each and everyday, you may not believe the affirmation at first but our minds learn through repetition. I began with the mantra #iamenough now I use #imatter
  7. Align your thoughts with actions. Self-care is the act of self-love. Grow your self-esteem and grow you. You deserve it, you matter.
  8. Get creative and have fun, our minds love creating and expanding. We were born creative and have lost touch with it, whether it’s coloring in a mindful coloring book or doing a project with your child, get those creative juices flowing.
  9. Speak your truth and free your mind:  Stop people pleasing and say what you mean from a loving and compassionate place.  It’s a liberating feeling when you are honest and open but always make sure it comes from a place of compassion and love.
  10. Meditate:  spending time with yourself and your thoughts is good for the soul. It doesn’t have be in a yoga studio – 10 minutes in your bathroom, focusing on your breath is all it takes to center yourself and give you that top up.


Start implementing these and see your self-esteem grow as you begin to put your needs in first place, once you do this, you will have much more energy for everyone else.  

About the Author

Cat Raincock

Cat Raincock

“I’m a mum of two kids, a wife and an entrepreneur/therapist. It takes dedication and application to run a happy mother ship and I love to share my methods with my clients to help them create a happy and conscious lifestyle”

Women’s self-esteem expert Cat Raincock is passionate about empowering and guiding women to live a fulfilled life. She was an ordinary girl who learnt some key things and now lives an extraordinary life. Cat is a mother of 2 children, 40 years old, who in her late 30’s thought she had everything she wanted, lovely husband, 2 kids but somehow it just didn’t cut it. Even though her life until then had ‘ticked all the boxes’ and looked good on paper, inside her head, it was another story. This is a situation that many women can find themselves in. What appears to be a great life to the outer world, can be filled with low self-esteem and feelings of not mattering and not being enough. Cat realized that when her two kids entered her life, they turned it upside down and brought all her ‘inner stuff’ to the surface. They were the greatest gift in showing her where she needed to work on herself. Heading for a midlife breakdown, she realized it was time to face her stuff and embarked on her own personal journey. Through a massive emotional detox, guided meditations and hypnosis Cat transformed her life and now lives a happy life where she ultimately feels enough, a far cry from where she was, and her mission is to empower as many women as she can to experience the same.

Now a trained coach and hypnotherapist, Cat educates people to eat consciously, clean, wholesome food, to detox emotions and their life – i.e. beauty and household products, social media, media consumption, their wardrobe and home!  She works with clients on transforming health issues and infertility – which often result from a disconnection between the mind and the body.

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